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Overview of The Animal Lover's Guide to Changing the World and Giveaway

I pride myself on being an animal lover, and a voice for change. In light of recent changes to legislation that have taken away protections for animals and our environment, I believe it’s an important reminder that our collective voices need to be risen to help engage in a conversation that will result in positive change. It’s in this light that I was thrilled to read a book before it hits the market to share information on how we animal lovers can help to change the world. It’s also the first time I’ve ever had a chance to read a book before it landed on shelves, which made me feel super fancy!

The book that a collection of pet bloggers including myself have had a chance to flip through is called The Animal Lover’s Guide to Changing the World - Practical Advice and Everyday Actions for a More Sustainable, Humane and Compassionate Planet by Stephanie Feldstein. It is now available for pre-order through channels like IndieBond, Powells, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It will officially release on June 5th.

One lucky reader of this blog post will have a chance to get their paws on a copy of the book so they can read it and start helping to change the world in their own unique way, thanks to the ideas shared in the book! Take a look below at the participating blogs in the “book tour.”

When reading the book, I encourage you to view it as a valuable resource that you can pick up and identify specific chapters or sections you feel are actionable at that moment in time. It isn’t necessarily a book you’ll read cover to cover in one sitting, although that’s what I wound up doing.

While I would LOVE to share every tidbit about the book with you, that would likely prevent you from having a reason to pick up a copy for yourself! Instead, I'm going to share some takeaways that helped to inspire me and how I plan on acting on those items from this point forward.

Find Your Pack

I zoned in on the "Find your Pack," section of An Animal Lover's Guide to Changing the World. It might be because, I'm always striving to find like-minded individuals while also grappling with being an introvert with Social Anxiety Disorder. I want to find, and work with passionate people like myself, but sometimes I find myself being crippled with unkind thoughts about me, my value, and connecting with others, before I leave the house or post online.

I think a lot of animal lovers are also introverts. Sometimes we feel more able to connect with animals than we are to members of our own species. That said, when I read a portion of this chapter that mentions "you can't change the world in a vacuum." It was the metaphoric slap in the face that I needed to remember that making a positive change is more important than my own insecurities and in order to do so, you need to get out there, and connect with others who have similar views and passion. For example, if I saw a post with the photo I took of the lovely cow shown below, that I may or may not have taken while trespassing on someone's property, saying "Cow Lovers Unite." I'd cancel my plans to join in on whatever activity was scheduled so that I could spend time with and help cows in some way!

You'd trespass too if this cow was near you!

The book has sections in this chapter called "The Introvert's Guide to Pack Behavior," "The Extrovert's Guide to Pack Behavior," and "Follow Your Passion." The three combined help introverts and extroverts to understand each other better, along with ways they can be active without having a nervous breakdown!

Enter to Win!

So, now that you have a little sample of the book, how would you like a chance to get your paws on your very own copy before it hits the shelves?! This giveaway is a bit more simple than other times, where there's been a whole bunch of options to enter.

Simply, comment below with some ways you currently try to help animals, or a question you might want to ask the author and you'll be entered to win! Be sure you're subscribed to my mailing list so I have a way to be in touch with you if you're the winner!

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