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What's the Best Natural Dog Treat

Yoda was on TV last week. This is his fourth appearance on our local news channel for a mid-day program called “Mass Appeal.” The hour long program features helpful tidbits, upcoming events, food recipes, and health segments. When I first brought Yoda to the station for a filming, I didn’t come prepared. I only brought a small amount of treats, which wasn’t enough to keep him entertained and quiet while we waited for our time to go in front of the camera. I’ve learned, since then, that high value treats are the key to keeping his attention on me and his movement to a minimum. As a result, I’m always on the look for new dog treats that are easy to break up, are high value (i.e. get his sniffer working overtime), and are healthy for Yoda, as he’s a little tubby.

We received treats and compensation from Charlee Bear Dog Treats in exchange for an honest assessment of our experience. We only share products we've tried and love and our opinions are our own. This post also contains an Amazon Affiliate link. If you click the link and make a purchase, we receive a small commission.

We recently received some bags of treats from Charlee Bear that helped to check off all the boxes for Yoda, so we brought them with us for the taping at Mass Appeal. They, along with some of his regular kibble (we fed him ½ of his normal breakfast so the kibble was a little less than half of the rest of his breakfast) were how we kept Yoda entertained before our time on the air.

The treats that we were able to try were their new Grain Free Meaty Bites. They are these perfectly sized freeze dried treats that are easy to break up into smaller pieces for training and giving rewards for awesome behavior. Because they’re freeze dried, they don’t leave any oils or smells on your hands, and can easily be popped in a pocket without messing up clothing. Even though they aren’t greasy, they still have a smell that caught Yoda’s attention, and kept his attention while we were on set. Once he got to eat a small morsel, he was HOOKED and kept nudging me with his smooshy nose (to be read as, he kept sliming my dress pants with his wet jowls).

The flavor combo that we brought with us were their Beef Liver & Sweet Potatoes. They also have other meat & super-food combos, including Chicken & Cranberries and Beef Liver & Apples. The ingredients listing on the back of the bag included words I understood. No crazy chemicals, and no fillers like soy or grain. I also noticed that the product was made in the United States, which is a must for our family. Oh, and they’re only 5 calories per treat. Since we broke them up into smaller bits to give to Yoda, I was able to give him a lot of treats for a small number of calories, which is incredibly important for a dog where his weight is right on the line of being considered “overweight.”

I'm so happy we had a chance to try these new treats from Charlee Bear. They are perfect for us to use for training, and other enrichment activities. I plan on buying some of the other flavor combinations as soon as the bags we have have been used.

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Wanna win some Charlee Bear treats? Check out our giveaway happening right now! Two winners will be chosen. NOTE - Prizes will be sent 4-6 weeks after the giveaway has long enough for you to forget that you even won something, and then you’ll get a pleasant surprise in the mail to remind you that you had.

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