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The Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Humans

CBD. You hear about it all the time, nowadays. In one regard, that’s awesome, especially if people are learning about its potential benefits and different resources for getting it. In another regard, it can be dangerous, especially since regulation of CBD is still in its infancy, meaning not every product is created equal. Have no fear! I’m here to introduce you to the benefits of CBD for dogs and humans (yep, this is a dual purpose post) and also share a brand we’ve tried, and trust for you to potentially add to your product lineup (spoiler alert, it’s Veritas Farms, the only CBD brand we’ll use from this point forward). As an added bonus, I also created a fun adult beverage recipe that includes CBD oil that’s super refreshing now that the heat of the summer is upon us and you’ll have a chance to win some Veritas Farms to try.

We received product and compensation from Veritas Farms in exchange for an honest assessment of our views and experience. We only share information with products we've tried and love and our views are our own. This post contains affiliate links, including amazon affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission.

First, let’s actually define what CBD is. CBD is short for Cannabidoil, which is derived from hemp plants. The reason why people and dogs don’t get high when using CBD, it’s because there’s an absence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the part of marijuana that results in a person getting high from its use.

Why does this matter? Well, one important factor for folks is that you and your dog can’t get “high” from using CBD. When I take it, I just feel more relaxed and calm. It helps me in the same way Xanax has, from a calming standpoint, without it feeling quite as extreme or chemically, if that makes sense. In addition to using CBD to feel more calm, I’ve also been using it when I have headaches. Perhaps it’s helping because I’m not stressing myself out about having a headache, leading to more pain, but it could also be helping with the actual pain, too. It’s not the only thing I use, but it has been a helpful tool to have.

While I can’t speak for Bean, as she’s not yet able to speak English (I have a distinct feeling she has quite a lot she wishes to say based on her judgmental eyebrows and side-eyed glares), I can speak for how Bean and Yoda behave when they’re given CBD. They’re a lot more “chill,” for lack of a better term. They’re still alert, not foggy, but they are content with hanging out and watching the world instead of feeling the need to be an active participant (which for Yoda, normally means being in someone’s business and for Bean means anxiety based destructive behavior).

Besides the relaxing nature of CBD, which can be used in advance of something that can be stressful, like fireworks or a thunderstorm or a car ride, there are some other benefits for using CBD with your dog. You know how I had mentioned that I use CBD to help with the dull throb of my headaches? Bean has arthritis, and I know she feels pain because of it. To help her pain, we use a variety of things, including turmeric, green lipped mussels, and glucosamine. Each of these items help her in different ways. CBD is used in combination with the other items listed for her pain and inflammation.

Lastly, Bean has decided to stop eating her food. You know, that pricey food we had once raved about? Yep, she stopped eating it shortly before and since her surgery for masses in her mouth and on her legs/chest. We’ve ruled out any medical reason for her anorexia. The veterinarian simply stated that she might be tired of her food. Our solution? CBD as an appetite stimulant. We have been putting her morning dose on a puff of Stella and Chewy’s food and giving it to her before going outside for morning potty routines. After waiting about 30 minutes, she is much more energetic about eating. We have changed around some of her food options, but the addition of CBD earlier in the morning has been a huge help. She’s super skinny already, so she really can’t afford to lose any weight, so this tactic has helped us from a stress standpoint.

So, now you’re probably convinced that there are a lot of potential benefits for using CBD with your dog and on yourself. I caution you against looking online to see what you could buy. The world of CBD is kind of like the wild wild west, right now. There are a ton of products popping up, and they’re all a little different. It’s hard to determine which products are the best for you or your pup, and businesses are really savvy with their marketing.

We were connected with Veritas Farms a couple months ago and have been exclusively using their CBD products since then. Before Veritas Farms, we bounced around a few different brands that we had connected with at BlogPaws and Global Pet Expo.

Here’s why I trust Veritas Farms and I’m committed to using them from this point forward. Their plants are grown, cultivated, and processed on site in Colorado. Their crops are farmed in a sustainable way, and they welcome interested folks to call to schedule a visit. That transparency is much appreciated, and not common. They send their products to a third party for testing, and their results are openly posted on their website. Their farm does not use pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or any fertilizers with unnatural ingredients. Their products are offered in a variety of forms (tinctures, edibles, and salves) with options for dogs, cats, horses and humans. Bean and I share many things, including our use of Veritas Farms CBD tinctures. Hers in her food, and mine in my coffee!

Now that I’ve shared the benefits of using CBD for dogs and humans and why we trust Veritas Farms, it’s time for you to learn how to make a fancy looking adult beverage to enjoy with the addition of the Veritas Farms CBD tincture. It’s called the “Violet Veritas,” and the fun challenge for me was trying to find a way to make the drink purple. The solution? Lavender simple syrup. Which made the house smell AMAZING as the dried lavender was simmering on the stove. NOTE: to make the simple syrup, make sure you use food grade dried lavender. I was able to find some on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Before looking at or downloading the recipe, here’s the link I used to learn how to make a lavender simple syrup from Food & Wine Magazine.

Now that you have a drink recipe, and some information about how awesome Veritas Farms is, how about you have a chance to win some to try? Three lucky winners will be chosen to receive a bottle of the Veritas Farms Pet Tincture. If you want to buy some for yourself or for your pup, please visit this link.

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