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If you're a company that would like to partner with us, we'd love to hear from you.  We have some resources for you regarding our best practice policies.


Please note, while some posts may be sponsored by companies, the opinions we share are our own and honestly represent our views.

Visit our Media Kit & Accolades page for additional information.  If you would like, you can also Download our Media Kit.

In order to account for the cost of site maintenance, equipment, membership in professional associations, and the length of time needed to craft & edit a post, take high quality images, and social sharing (phew, that was a mouthful!) most posts involving a brand include a fee.  If you would like to send products for us to try without compensation, you are welcome to do so, and will be entered into our "lottery system," meaning if we try and love your products, or have free time in our posting calendar, we may feature your items without receiving pay.  In some instances, products may also be donated to our local shelter if it is determined that they need the items sent to care for the animals more than we do.  

Our commitment to supporting local shelters is (hopefully) evident in all that we do.  To date, we have donated approximately $10,000 worth of money and products to shelters in our community.  A portion of all monies earned through sponsored posts are donated.  

Review Policy

Reviews will be featured on all social media platforms (including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


Reviews will always:

* Include honest viewpoints

* Reviewed products will be the property of the reviewer and will not be returned

* Fees may be applied (contact us regarding our pricing outline)

* Products may be declined for review at the discretion of the reviewer

* Increased product purchases or website traffic cannot be guaranteed

* An appropriate window of time to test a product, and draft a review is anticipated.  Please account for at least 30 days.

Giveaway Policy

Reviews and giveaways will be paired. As a result, they will be shared on all social media platforms already stipulated.


The policies listed in the Review Policy reflect the parameters for the Giveaway Policy.


Unless otherwise noted, it will be the advertiser's responsibility for providing: giveaway prizes and shipping costs.


As such, the company can determine the number of prizes given, the prize, the number of winners, and where prizes can be shipped (United States or International).

Advertising & Sponsorship

Companies can advertise on this site.  Rates are on a per month basis and determined by location and size.  Companies will provide advertising images and ads must be pet, beer, or wine related or relevant to A Dog Walks into a Bar readers.


Sponsored posts and Event Sponsorships are also available. Sponsored posts will be written in the same manner as all other posts and include a link to the company's site.  Event sponsorships provide an opportunity for conference attendance, such as BlogPaws, pet expositions, and beer and wine related conferences.  


The sponsor will provide a portion or all of the expenses to the event (cost will be variable).  Sponsors will be promoted prior, during, and following the event and will be mentioned in related posts.

Affiliate Policy

A Dog Walks into a Bar may be financially compensated for product reviews or other services.  While compensation may be provided, all reviews will be an honest representation of the views held by the writer and will not be influenced by other parties.


We will only feature products and services that are relevant to our readership.


Affiliate links may be provided in reviews and other posts.  I may receive commissions should items are purchased through the provided links.  Links and the moneys earned through their use will be utilized to subsidize the cost of maintaining this site which is comprised of web hosting, photography, equipment; computer software, and travel.

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