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DIY Pill Paste for Dogs, A Failure

One thing that I want to be sure about is that you get the full picture of our lives, even though that means admitting our failures along with our positives. I don’t think you always want to know when thing go flawlessly well for us, because that really isn’t a reflection on real life. If you stumble upon someone’s blog and it’s ALWAYS sharing all the wins, take them with a grain of salt. There’s probably something they’ve swept under the rug. Today, we’re going to share a tale of our failed DIY Pill Paste. A project I was super excited about and was so sad it crumbled in my hands. I hope you can help! Read through and see how your comments might help save the day.

The Background

Bean takes a daily allergy pill, and has for a long time. Without a way to mask the pill, she acts like a prisoner and cheeks her meds. When our backs are turned, she will spit out the pill. When a pill costs $2 a pop, we really can’t afford to throw pills away. We’ve tried all the things to mask her pills. The common tricks: cheese, peanut butter, and hot dogs. They have all been met with disdain.

This post contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. If you click and make a purchase through the link, I make a small commission. Proceeds are donated to our local animal shelter.

Bean who suffers from allergies and needs daily pills

We are currently using a pill paste from Tomlyn, which has been treating us really well. It’s in a tub and you can grab the perfect amount to wrap around the pill without wasting extra paste you don’t need. It is a flavor that Bean likes, and it lasts for a while. Even so, I have always wanted to make a pill paste, so I could be sure all of the ingredients were holistic, especially in light of Bean’s allergies and sensitive stomach.

The Logic

To make a paste, you really don’t need much. You need a binding agent (a lot of recipes use peanut butter); and something to bind (some sort of flour, normally). It was with this information, I tried to make a pill paste using the following ingredients.

Coconut Flour

Coconut Oil

Organic Canned Pumpkin

Ground Turmeric

DIY Pill Paste for Dogs

I melted the Coconut Oil first. Then mixed one part coconut oil to two parts coconut flour. A spoonful of canned pumpkin and a teaspoon of turmeric were mixed in too (not really for the paste requirements, but more for their digestive benefits).

The ingredients mixed together well. I was super excited! I even took glamour shots of the ingredients and the ball of paste thinking it would make me famous on Pinterest.

The Failure

No matter the combo, the paste would crumble. It was impossible to mold around the pill. After multiple attempts, I admitted defeat. But I still like the glamour shots.

DIY Pill Paste for Dogs

I still want to make a pill paste, and share with my readers, but I’m at a loss for ideas that haven’t been done before. So, this is where you come in.

The Challenge

If you can drum up ideas for combos to try to make a pill paste, please comment below. I will try to make whatever you guys list. The most successful recipe will be featured in a future post and will include credit to the person who came up with the idea. I will also mail you a prize pack filled with treats, toys, and A Dog Walks into a Bar swag!

DIY Pill Paste for Dogs

Thanks for joining me in my tales of failure. I look forward to hearing all of your recommendations!

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