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All Natural Flea And Tick Pet Hack

This post has an Amazon Affiliate link. If you click on it and make a purchase, I make a small commission, which will be donated to our local animal shelter.

What in the bleep is a pet hack? I’m pretty sure it’s when you break into your dog to steal important information like their bank account number and social security number (doesn’t your dog have one?).

I KID, of course! A pet hack, is a way to make your life a little easier by using something you probably already have in a different way. Today, we’re going to talk about a way you can help prevent pesky critters like fleas and ticks from entering your home and getting an all-you-can eat buffet on your beloved pet.

all natural flea and tick pet hack

It’s quick, simple, and cheap. I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped us.

We have two dogs with some white fur, but mostly darker where fleas and ticks are hard to spot to the naked eye. We do use all natural flea and tick preventatives from Only Natural Pet, but nothing is one hundred percent effective so we have another trick up our sleeve that’s also all natural, since there aren’t any chemicals at all.

Are you ready?

TAAADAAA! It’s a lint roller. Yes, this thing that’s normally used to get all the pet hair off your clothes right before you leave the house can also be used to roll up pests!

We keep a nice and sticky lint roller in our car and another on our porch. As soon as we are done with our time outdoors, we use the lint roller on our dogs, their undercarriage, legs, sides and back before they are placed in the car. We use the second roller on our porch as a security measure.

I won’t share a photo, because it’s gross. But you’d be amazed how many ticks we’ve snagged since we started using the rollers, especially after a long walk in the woods or near grassy areas.

That’s it. Nothing crazy but super helpful. I hope you are able to roll away some pests now that the weather is warmer! Want to learn more about pet hacks? Check out the other bloggers below for other ideas. Have an idea of your own? We'd love to know in the comments!

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