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When Dogs, Beer, and Ice Hockey Combine

I am a huge fan of a few things (two of the three you probably already know about me): ice hockey, dogs and beer. In fact, I played for the Quinnipiac University Pep Band, which meant I earned my Division I Varsity Letter for playing the trombone at their hockey and basketball games.

When a local animal shelter, Thomas J. O’Connor invited me to participate at an event this past Friday at the AHL game near us (Springfield Thunderbirds), I jumped at the opportunity. It was my first photography gig for the organization, and I had a blast. As you can tell from the photos, dogs were able to attend, and they even had a parade on the ice during one of the breaks between periods. I’m not sure how much money was raised for the organization, but every little bit counts!

This post, while it has some words, is a part of the Wordless Wednesday blog hop. Take a look at the other blog posts that are linked below for a chance to see what my other blogger friends are up to this week. There's an album of photos at the end of this post. To see all of the photos, check us out on Facebook.

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