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A Dog Walks into Fort Hill Brewery

Tomorrow will be a glorious day! I say that with confidence because that will be the day all of our favorite things merge together like one big amoeba of happiness. We will be participating in a local event at an awesome brewery which will raise funds for the shelter that we support regularly! The event is called “Barks and Brews” and we are beyond thrilled to be hosting a raffle and giving away some yummy spent grain dog treats for the pups in attendance.

Yoda snuggling with Fort Hill Brewery Beer

Participants will be able to enjoy tasty food from local food trucks, join in on contests, enter our raffle, support Dakin Humane Society, celebrate their four legged friends, and drink beer! Can you tell we’re a little excited?

I mentioned that we will be handing out some spent grain dog treats. Our business card is attached sharing that there is a recipe and writeup on how to make these treats on A Dog Walks into a Bar. We would like to thank Amherst Brewing Company for donating a supply of spent grain! For folks that are visiting this site for the first time, hoping to locate the recipe, you can locate the original post with photos and instructions through this link.

Spent Grain Dog Treats and Yoda

In addition to giving away some treats, we will also be hosting a raffle for two amazing baskets of goodies. One basket has over $200 worth of toys, treats and supplies while the other has over $150 worth of all natural flea and tick preventative and treatment options from our pals at Only Natural Pet. I hope that we are able to raise a lot of money to help support our local shelter!

We will keep you posted on how much we were able to donate in a follow up post next week. Also be on the lookout for a photo album of participants and their pups that will go up on our A Dog Walks Into a Bar facebook page. If you find a photo of you or your pup that you would like a copy of, feel free to send us an email and I’ll happily send a high resolution copy to you!

Only Natural Pet Raffle Basket

Cheers to drinking beer and saving buddies! We are honored to be able to join in on the festivities.

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