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A Review of My Pet DMV & Giveaway

A couple weeks ago, we brought Bean and Yoda to my in-laws for them to be watched (aka spoiled) while we were away for a couple days. Before leaving for our weekend away, I brought the two outside to go to the bathroom. My father-in-law assured me that there would be no need to use a leash with them, as their yard was completely fenced in. Believing him, I opened the back sliding door, and the two dogs shot out and promptly rolled in brown not-quite-mud-but-close-enough ick at the base of the stairs. Once they were nice and dirty, Bean began to investigate the rest of the yard. Within 30 seconds, she was GONE. Like, gone gone. As in, no longer in the backyard gone! Apparently, there was a hole in the fencing that my father-in-law didn’t fix, and Bean found her opportunity to make a break for it.

I, of course, was frantic, and we began the search for our brown and white pup who’s shockingly quick considering she’s almost 9. There were a few things that I could take consolation in having. The first is that, Bean doesn’t really want to be far, I just think she tries to see if she could go far. Our second helpful factor is that Bean’s recall is surprisingly good. She doesn’t like not being around her humans, so once she realizes she’s not near us anymore, she normally comes to our call pretty quickly once she hears us.

We received products & compensation from My Pet DMV in exchange for an honest assessment of our views. We only share products that we've tried and love and our opinions are our own.

Our final peace of mind is that we NEVER bring the dogs outside without a tag attached to their collar. We’ve recently started using a tag from My Pet DMV, which I’m excited to talk more about. Here are the top reasons why we love our new tag!

  • It has an up-to-date photo of Bean so people can tell that the dog they have helped to save is the same as the dog on the tag

  • It looks just like a Massachusetts Driver’s License or State ID, so people can quickly tell if the dog is from nearby, or has traveled a long distance and over state lines

  • It includes my cell phone number so I can be contacted once Bean is found

  • It includes Bean’s full name (including her middle name). Technically, Bean’s name is Quincy Bean, but she comes to either her first or middle name.

  • It includes key features to help identify her: sex, eye color, hair color, size (height & weight) and birthday.

If you thought the ID tag was cool, I could go full on, “And That’s Not All,” like a late-night infomercial! Not only do you get three ID tags (so you can add one to your keychain and have an extra) but you also get a license that’s the same size as a real license. It’s fun to have in your wallet to show off, but from a practical standpoint, you could SHOW the person who was kind enough to help reunite you with your pet that you have the exact match, as proof that the dog you’re claiming is really yours!

From a drinking standpoint, both Bean and Yoda are over 21 in dog years (Bean is 61 years old and Yoda is 36 years old). It sure is nice to be able to have them join us at dog-friendly breweries, wineries, distilleries, and bars! It’s not so nice if they get kicked out because they can’t prove their over 21! Now, with a license from My Pet DMV, they can get in to all the coolest bars in town without an issue.

Would you like a chance to win your very own set of mini Key Chain IDs and Pet IDs from My Pet DMV? I thought you’d say yes. Use the widget below for a chance to enter.


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