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Personalized Canvas Prints for the Holidays with Pop Your Pup

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought to yourself “gee, my dog is so freakin’ adorable, I really think he should be made into a piece of art!” I, personally, think that about 500 times a day. Well, more like once or twice. Okay, like once or twice a year (don’t tell them that, please help keep the magic alive).

Either way, if you have found yourself contemplating your pet as a piece of art once or a million times, I’m happy to share that the folks at Pop Your Pup have enabled a way for your pet to become a piece of pop art canvas amazingness that you can hang on your wall.

We have received canvas prints and compensation from Pop Your Pup. We only share products with readers that we've tried and love and our opinions are our own.

You’ve heard me talk about Pop Your Pup before. They are the company that helped to create personalized t shirts of Bean and Yoda for us to wear proudly around town. I was super impressed with them last time we worked together because of their awesome and speedy communication and how quickly our draft images were sent for our approval. Since getting the shirts, I have gotten countless compliments on them every time I wear one. It’s always fun to see people connect that the shirt is of one of my dogs as they see me approaching them while on a walk with the dogs in tow and they look at me, look at the dogs, look back at the shirt and smile. I’ve been approached tons of times with people asking me, “Oh my God, where did you get that awesome shirt of your dog?” It’s been so fun being able to introduce people to Pop Your Pup.

Two notes: The husband has no idea I'm using his photo (muahaha) and look at how thrilled at Bean is!

When we heard that Pop Your Pup had started to make personalized canvas prints of pets, I was SO EXCITED! I’ve been researching companies that can make personalized art of Bean and Yoda for months, and I’ve been frustrated in my research because many options have been way beyond my price point comfort level. Sweet baby Jesus, everyone, it’s a canvas print of Bean, not the Mona Lisa!

Serendipitously, Pop Your Pup sent me a note not that long ago introducing me to their new canvas prints and wanting to send some along for us to don our walls during the holiday season. Aside from the price being super reasonable, I was also really excited to get prints that are specific for the holidays since we don’t have any replacements for our normally posted framed photos that are more Christmas themed. As with last time, we received draft images within a day or two for us to look at and approve. As soon as I gave the green light, we got our shipment of canvas prints in about a little less than a week.

While Pop Your Pup has a ton of fun backgrounds to choose from, with plenty that aren’t holiday themed if you’re looking to get a shirt or print that can be used year-round, the ones I selected for Bean and Yoda’s canvases are an homage to two of our favorite Christmas movies. I’ll give you hints for movie number one: “What a great lamp!”; “Randy lay there like a slug, it was his only defense.” Did you get it? I’m sure you have. Yes, it’s A Christmas Story! I had not seen the movie until I started dating my (now) husband and now I can’t go without watching at least 4 times during the holiday season.

Ready to guess the second movie? Okay, here is your hint that is more like the thought/question I’ve been pondering now that I’m an adult: how on earth can a family THAT LARGE afford a trip to Paris and a mortgage for such a huge home in Chicago??! It’s like those people on House Hunters who say, “Oh, you know, our budget is 2.4 million.” WHAT JOBS DO YOU 22 YEAR OLDS HAVE? Sorry, I digress. I hope you guessed Home Alone.

Guys...look at how amazing these prints are! I can’t get over how awesome they came out. They are now hanging on the wall opposite of our Christmas tree and I can’t help but smile every time I see them. Not going to lie, the statistical likelihood of me keeping these prints up way beyond the holiday season has come and gone is at about 99%.

We are beyond thrilled to be able to offer you a chance to win a $150 gift card for Pop Your Pup that you can use towards getting your paws on some canvas prints or shirts, whatever you prefer. Use the widget below to enter the giveaway!

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