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Fun and Easy Dog Halloween Costumes

Last year, I hand sewed Yoda’s Halloween costume (he was a fart, in case you’re wondering, which is his normal resting state anyway). It involved me using yellow and brown tulle, a brown body suit, and a remote controlled fart machine sewed into the body suit so he could fart on command. The year before that, I needle felted Yoda’s Halloween costume so he could join us at a fundraising costume parade for our local animal rescue. I was “Raining Cats and Dogs” and he was a felted storm cloud.

We received costumes and compensation from Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique in exchange for an honest assessment of our views and experience. We only share products that we've tried and love and our opinions are our own. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate links. If you make a purchase using the link, we make a small commission.

Yoda in a hand made fart Halloween Costume

This is Yoda, as a fart, so basically, this is Yoda as himself.

Both costumes took hours to create.

This year, I wanted to get into the Halloween spirit, since it’s always a blast, but I knew I wouldn’t have much free time to hand make a costume. Between taking an improv class each Monday night, to blogging, late nights for work, and everything else, it simply wasn’t realistic to expect I’d be able to create my own costumes.

When I reached out to our friends at Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique, they were happy to send along some amazing Halloween costumes for both Bean and Yoda which not only kill me (they’re hysterical) but are awesome in their creativity, and maintaining the dog’s comfort and ability to be mobile.

I want to take a moment to talk about my last point in the previous paragraph. Any costume that restricts a dog’s movement, or their ability to see, can not only be unsafe but can be uncomfortable for your dog. It is important that you pay attention to your dog for any signs of discomfort or stress. If your dog begins to pant, lick its lips, yawn, or show any other signs of stress, remove the costume immediately.

I really appreciate that Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique is very aware of this in their costume creation. While both Bean and Yoda have shown signs of stress while wearing costumes from other companies, they have never shown signs of discomfort or anxiety while wearing a costume from Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique. I will only share products that we’ve tried and have loved for this very reason. Please note, each animal is unique and it’s still important that you keep an eye on your dog. Also, lots of amazing high-value treats can make your pup a bit happier. We keep the best and stinkiest treats on hand whenever costumes are involved!

I am always blown away by the tons of choices Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique offer for costumes along with their range of sizes. It’s also pretty amazing that there are so many online retailers that carry their costumes, so you don’t have to go to a store to get your paws on one.

Take a look at the photos below, I hope they help make you smile! I’m curious what costume is your favorite. I have my own but I’m wondering if you guys agree. Comment at the bottom of the post with your favorite costume for a chance to win a special treat prize pack from A Dog Walks into a Bar.

Teddy Bear Dog Costume
statue of liberty dog costume

storm trooper dog costume

wonder woman dog cape

giraffe dog costume

minion dog costume

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