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Pop Your Pup - Custom Wearable Pop Art of your Dog

I’m more than a little dog obsessed. I’ll give you some time to collect yourself after that shocking admission.

*Bryn returns after five minute break*

As I was saying, I’m just a wee bit obsessed about dogs, especially my own. Bean and Yoda are our family members that happen to have four legs instead of two. We try to share our experiences with them whenever possible and expose them to new adventures, senses, smells, and tastes. I find that as my dog obsession has grown, so has my desire to adorn myself with "all things dog." I especially love if I can incorporate Boston Terriers, and of course, Bean and Yoda into my clothing and accessories.

I have Boston Terrier shoes (my husband just corrected me...I have at least two different pairs of Boston Terrier shoes). We have artwork in our home with Boston Terriers snoozing. If I’m ever wearing matching socks, which isn’t often, it’s only because I’m especially proud of my Boston Terrier socks. I have bracelets with paw prints on them. I have a necklace with photos of Bean and Yoda matched with phrases like “love,” and “family.” My shirt collection is growing exponentially in the past couple of years. In short, I advertise my love for dogs in what I do, say, and wear!

I’m proud and excited to share that I have a NEW way to show my obsession in the form of two custom shirts from Pop Your Pup. Each have a pop art rendered version of Bean and Yoda against a colorful background and I am in love!

We received custom shirts from Pop Your Pup in exchange for an honest assessment of our experience. We only share products with readers that we've tried and love and our views are an honest representation of our experience. This post contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. If you click on the link and make a purchase, we receive a small commission.

The husband sporting a Yoda Pop Your Pup Custom T shirt

I’ve been a cult follower of Pop Your Pup on instagram for years, and I even have a shirt from them when Bean was the only dog in our home, so it’s at least two years old. I wear the shirt all the time, and I get comments each time I wear it. Most of the time, people say that they love the dog and Boston Terriers, and they get super excited with I tell them it’s not just any Boston Terrier, it’s my very own pup. Once I tell them that, a lot of folks express an interest in getting one of their very own.

So, how does it work? Let me give you the scoop.

It starts with a photo. If you’re like me, which you are since you’re reading this page, you probably have at least 800,000 photos of your pet on your phone RIGHT NOW! No need to have a special photo shoot, just scroll through what you have and send a couple shots to the folks at Pop Your Pup and they’ll do the rest.

Bill, with the wrong dog, but it's a cute photo anyway!

Create your order.

You can choose the product you prefer, the background (we went with solid colors but there are fun designs you can select too), and the size you would like.

Bean, giving herself her classic side glare.


Did I scare you when I said “wait?” I probably did. I hear you. I’ve had situations where I forgot I had sent the photo by the time I got a proof back from a brand to review. In one regard, it was a cool surprise since I had forgotten, but in another regard, I had clearly lost interest by the time I heard back.

The turnaround time for Pop Your Pup is ONE DAYI Yes, you read correctly. You’ll get a proof to review a day after you press send.

I used a pillow to show you the shirt next to Bean, because I felt like my boobs were in the way.

If you want to make a change, or lots of changes, you have an unlimited number of times to send the artists a note to change the image, or background, or anything else!

Give the okay to move forward.

Once you are pumped with the design proof, let the folks at Pop Your Pup know it’s time for them to put your custom piece into production. Your piece is normally made within a day of the green light to move forward. We got our shirts in the mail less than a week after the final proof was approved.

Fall in love and strut your stuff!

Now that you have a custom, wearable piece of art of your beloved pet, it’s time to paint the town red and show it off! Make sure to take photos and tag Pop Your Pup on social (like twitter and instagram). Who knows, maybe they’ll feature your photo and make you and your dog* even more famous on the internet than they already are.

*Or other animal, whatever critter you have adorning your shirt.


Want a chance to win your very own Pop Your Pup Custom Pop Art Tee? Two winners will be chosen! Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Sometimes the widget doesn't show up, so I'll put a link to the giveaway just in case too.

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