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Traveling with Dogs Is Easier with a Portable Pet Cot

Swearing. It’s cathartic. The way words can string together, painting pictures that can make people gasp (as if they’ve never heard it before) and shelter children, is an art form that I’ve perfected over the years. You can normally tell when we’re about to take a road trip with the dogs somewhere because the swearing starts early.

Normally, no one is at home when I’m artfully weaving expletives about not being able to find something we need. Spoiler alert, that thing I can’t find is almost always right in front of my face, but that’s another issue altogether. Traveling with dogs can be stressful and the swearing helps me to get off steam! Even so, I’ve found that using valuable online resources and some key dog products, like our portable cots from Carlson Pet Products, have helped to reduce my anxiety.

We received Portable Pet Cots and compensation from Carlson Pet Products in exchange for an honest assessment of our views and experience. We only share products with readers that we have tried and love and the opinions shared are our own. This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link. If a person clicks on the link and makes a purchase, we will receive a small commission.

Yoda lounging on his Portable Pet Cot from Carlson Pet Products

Yoda looks awfully comfy, doesn't he? *Update* Our lawn is now a sad brown, so I'm glad I took this photo a little while ago. Stupid heat! *Bryn raises fists to sky*

A couple months ago, we had the opportunity to share information about the Carlson Pet Product Portable Pet Pen. Since our post, we have used it all the time. It’s great to have when we are traveling to a place without a fenced yard or when we want the dogs to be outside, but we don’t want them to overdo it in the heat.

Since writing our post about the Portable Pet Pen, we have also had the chance to try the Portable Pet Cots from Carlson Pet Products. These lightweight cots come in their own carrying case that can be easily swung over someone’s shoulder or packed in a car for use on road trips. One of our blogging friends from You Did What With Your Weiner even attached her portable pet cot to a backpack and hiked up a snow capped mountain to get an awesome photo of it in action!

Greta from You Did What With Your Weiner

Photo used with permission from

(more specifically, their Instagram Account) Can we talk about how amazing this photo is and the sweet life Gretel has?!

We don’t have any mountain climbing Portable Pet Cot photos to share with you, but I can understand why Jessica was able and willing to bring it along. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it doesn’t add a lot of weight but it’s still comfy for mountain top lounging, backyard snoozing, or overnight sleeping at a pet friendly hotel!

The Portable Pet Cots come in a size suitable for small dogs and another that’s made for medium to large dogs. The fabric (nylon) is waterproof and can be washed easily. As soon as Yoda sat on his Portable Pet Cot, he drooled on it and also rubbed dirt into it. I wet a washcloth with warm water and some soap and was able to wipe off the grossness Yoda left behind easily.

Yoda lounging on his Portable Pet Cot from Carlson Pet Products along with Beer from Amherst Brewing Company

As you know, Yoda does not sleep with us in the bed for a few reasons. The first is his snoring is so loud it can wake us up. In fact, it has woken us up and his room is downstairs from our bedroom! The second reason is that he overheats easily, especially if he’s under covers. As a result, we recently brought a Portable Pet Cot with us when we all stayed at a Red Roof Inn (which is pet friendly). Bean stayed with us in our bed while Yoda curled up on his Portable Pet Cot and slumbered comfortably through the night.

Bean lounging on her Portable Pet Cot from Carlson Pet Products

I wonder what adventures we’ll have down the road with our Portable Pet Cots in stow, but I’m sure they’ll be awesome and I’m positive we’ll be sharing photos and stories with you along the way. Be on the lookout for some posts about other awesome products from Carlson Pet Products. We can’t seem to get enough!

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