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The Who, What and How About NomNomNow

We are just about to begin our third month with NomNomNow, a dog food delivery service that is new and has swept us off our feet! Bean, the pickiest eater on the face of God’s green earth, has enthusiastically eaten EVERY SINGLE MEAL in the two month span we have been using NomNomNow, which has made me so excited, I feel like crying. *Full disclosure* I did sob one day watching her eat a couple weeks ago, knowing how much happier her little belly must feel now that it's full* Now that we’ve been regularly using the food, I wanted to share some important information about the company, the food, and why it might be a good fit for your picky eater too!

So, in my first post about NomNomNow, I stated that I’d be including an interview with someone from the company. They have been so popular and, as a result, busy, that the stars didn’t align for the interview, but I have more information to share after doing research of my own.

We have have received NomNomNow food and compensation in exchange for an honest assessment of our views and experience. We only share products we have tried and love with our readers. All opinions shared are our own.

NomNomNow is fresh dog food delivered to your home


The company asks some targeted questions in the sign-up process that help them to determine the correct serving size. Once the serving size is figured out, you are prompted to select a recipe that your dog will receive either a week or month’s supply of (depending on where you live). There’s a variety of proteins, including chicken, turkey, beef, and pork. There’s even a veggie mix if your dog would benefit from that option instead. You can change the recipe for following months by logging into your account before the next shipment is slated to go out.


You get one full month’s worth of food in individually packaged packs. The box comes with insulated (recyclable) foam that will keep the food cold until you get home and put it away. It also includes ice packs. The food arrives chilled, and can be kept in a freezer for up to a year, should you find you have excess for some reason. I normally take a week’s supply out of the freezer at once, so it can defrost in my fridge for the week ahead. We received a sample pack of other mixtures the first month of our NomNomNow shipment, and this month we received an emergency two week supply of food in the event that a shipment is delayed for some reason or for any other event that may result in a need for some extra food.

Fresh dog food delivery from NomNomNow


The food isn’t just “human grade,” it’s made fresh to order, restaurant quality food. It has fresh veggies in the mix, and some recipes even have egg included. When my husband first saw the food he said “I’m pretty sure Bean is eating better than we are, now.” as he looked at our frozen pizza. He’s right. If the need ever happened (cue post apocalyptic movie scenes) we humans could survive on eating packs of NomNomNow.


I am convinced that if you try NomNomNow for your dog(s), you’ll quickly understand the benefits your companion is experiencing. I truly can’t wait for you to try it so I can hear how amazing your experience with NomNomNow is too!

The fine folks at NomNomNow were generous enough to send along an exclusive coupon code for A Dog Walks into a Bar readers, that will give you 50% off your first order! That’s huge, and super awesome! If you decide to take us up on the offer, use the code below, and be sure to tag us in your unboxing photos/videos and any other social sharing you want to make! Who knows, maybe we’ll send you a prize just for being awesome! Be sure to tag NomNomNow too. They’re a young company so having tags on social is hugely important for them so other people learn about this new food delivery option.


Simply copy and paste or click HERE for the code to automatically be applied at checkout!

NomNomNow fresh dog food delivery


Technically our formal relationship with NomNomNow will come to a close after July wraps up. Be on the lookout for our final post towards the end of July that will update you on how Bean has fared after using the food for multiple months. I can’t imagine our lives without NomNomNow after seeing how enthusiastic Bean has been about eating, so even though our formal relationship will be wrapping up, this is the beginning of something great for Bean and I’m so thrilled to have a healthy food for her that she enjoys eating!

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