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Five Reasons Why We Love Our Portable Pet Pen from Carlson Pet Products

The summer means freedom and travel for us! My husband (who is currently in graduate school) doesn’t have classes this summer, and I have a butt load of vacation time saved up. We’ll be zipping around a lot this summer, and hopefully finding a lot of dog friendly breweries along the way. Traveling with dogs can be super exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you don’t have all the items you really need to be safe and secure. I’m sure I’ll be writing future posts on important essentials for safe travel with dogs, but in the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to an item from Carlson Pet Products that is already me making less stressed, and we haven’t even hit the road yet!

My parents live in Connecticut, about two hours from where we are in Massachusetts. They are within walking distance to the beach and a lot of great tourist orientated sites, including a historic lighthouse and Victorian homes that are now museums. I love visiting my parents, and feeling the ocean breeze on my face. The dogs love it too, minus the seagulls that are large enough to swoop down and whisk them away. No worries, though, Bean’s bark is fierce when it needs to be and the birds move along swiftly after hearing her warning.

We received a Portable Pet Pen from Carlson Pet Products in exchange for an honest assessment of our experiences with the product. We only share products we've tried and love with our readers and the opinions shared are an honest representation of our experiences.

Yoda on a beach trip in Connecticut

One of the things we enjoy doing is spending time in my parent’s backyard for eating, imbibing, and soaking up the sun. While the yard is awesome for us humans, it’s not really ideal for Bean and Yoda since it’s not fenced-in. If I’m keeping an eagle eye on both of them, they won’t go far without being tethered, but there have been instances when either one of the dogs have sensed a moment of weakness, and they dart off. Thankfully, both are good with their recall, but that doesn’t help when I’m panicked looking for them and don’t know where they are.

Now that we have an outdoor pet pen from Carlson Pet Products, I am thrilled to be able to enjoy our time outdoors without the fear of losing either one of the dogs. I LOVE this item for so many reasons.


This pen is nice and compact when folded and in its provided weather resistant pouch. The strap actually fits over someone’s shoulder and makes the pen easy to carry. My purse falls off my shoulder more often than the pouch did in my walk from the house to the yard.

Bean enjoying the sun in our portable pet pen from carlson pet products


I had the following things in my hand while setting up the Portable Pet Pen: A dog leash (with Bean attached, eager to roam), my fancy camera strap that was holding said fancy camera, and I somehow had a bottle of beer in the same hand too. I don’t recommend that life choice, it was not wise. Even so, I held ALL of those things because I’m stubborn as I set up the pet pen. I was able to open and set up the pen in less than a minute. I even took a video showing the first time I set the pen up to show you how quick it was.


I was surprised by how light the Portable Pet Pen was considering how large it was when setup. A four person tent weighs more than carrying and setting the pen up.


When Bean and Yoda were both in the Portable Pet Pen they had enough room to have their own quiet space to soak up the sun. They also had room to play with each other. I will share a video next time but it was so fun to see them roll around on the soft grass while I drank some beer and relaxed in the sun.


Yoda and Beer and a Portable Pet Pen from Carlson Pet Products

Have you ever gotten a product, opened it, and thought to yourself “Yep, this will last for about 5 minutes before it’s completely destroyed.” That has happened a lot to us as we’ve received products for the dogs to use. I try to have high hopes, but I have been disappointed a lot over the years. This was not the case when I opened our Portable Pet Pen from Carlson Pet Products. I could immediately tell that it was well made and sturdy. It has withheld the test of use for the past couple of weeks as we’ve enjoyed spring warmth. I have no doubt that it will last for a long time.

I also don’t have to worry about dog escape artists. The pen is tall enough for the dogs to be enclosed without fear that they’ll hop over the sides. It’s also short enough for me to be able to bend over and scoop the dogs up if I wanted to.


I can’t wait to bring this Portable Pet Pen from Carlson Pet Products with us on all our adventures. We have a few beer related fundraising events coming up where we’ll be staffing a booth. The pen will allow me to bring one or both of the dogs without them being tethered all day and also not having to worry about any rogue dogs who may not be the friendliest. I’ll be sure to take and share photos with you as we use the pen on our road trips in the coming months!

Portable Pet Pen from Carlson Pet Products

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