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Win a CASE of RedBarn Dipped Biscuits

I am a pet blogger. That means, among other things, pretty much every package we receive in the mail is not actually intended for the human residents who happen to be paying the mortgage, and the manpanion. We receive packages of treats from incredibly generous companies almost weekly. I’m so thankful for the amazing items we receive and we don’t take it for granted. Even so, there are only so many treats or two smallish pups can enjoy. We donate a lot of what we receive to our local shelter. In fact, we just crossed the $10,000 threshold of products and money that we’ve been able to give since this whole crazy adventure started!

We received treats from RedBarn Pet Products to try and to share our honest assessment of them. We only share products with our readers that we love and our opinions are our own. We also have an Amazon Affiliate Link for RedBarn Products. If you click and make a purchase through the link, we receive a small commission.

There are a select few brands, of the treats we receive, that are kept for Bean and Yoda to enjoy. One of those companies has been RedBarn Pet Products. Some of my affinity may be that I was married in a red barn, before it was the cool thing to do, but I digress (see photo above, that was close to 9 years ago).

I am the gatekeeper, meaning I don’t give them any treats I don’t trust. Anything that isn’t made in the US, or doesn’t have holistic ingredients, are not given to the pups. After that is taken away, I also remove treats that may impact Bean’s allergies. Then, we have a taste test.

win a case of RedBarn Pet Products Dipped Biscuits

I’ve mentioned before that Bean is a diva. That’s not an understatement. She will snub treats that Yoda would scarf without batting an eye. The taste test always comes with me holding my breath to see if Bean will chew and swallow the treat without spitting it out. Yoda also waits with anticipation, but only because he wants to eat whatever she rejects. He’s smarter than he looks.

We have had a chance to use our RedBarn Pet Products Dipped Biscuits now for about a month now, and they continue to be a huge hit for both Bean and Yoda. They recognize the bag, and go crazy when they know they’re about to get a few (like potato chips, they can’t have just one).

win a case of redbarn pet products dipped biscuits

We want you guys to have a chance to try the treats with your own dogs. ENTER TO WIN a CASE (yep, you read right, an entire case) of Dipped Biscuit Treats from RedBarn Pet Products.

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