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How is your Dog a Superhero and GIVEAWAY

My husband has dragged me to my fair share of Marvel and DC Comic Movies over the years for me to identify the trademark comic book hero trends: there’s some sort of origin story that is upsetting, whether it be because of spider bites, genetic mutilation, or some sort of bright green ooze. There’s a passion to help those who can’t help themselves, by leaping, flying, lifting heavy things, climbing buildings, or using fancy gear. There’s, in many instances, the use of teamwork to fight against evil doers. There’s humor (we all need some ‘comic’ relief - see I used the word in a different way! And there are the snazzy, form fitting, outfits and occasional capes.

We received costumes and compensation from Rubie's Pet Shop in exchange for an honest assessment of our experience to share with readers. Our thoughts and opinions are our own and we only share products with readers that we try and love. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate links. We receive a small commission for each purchase made through clicking on the link.

Bean is our hero and is dressed in a dog costume from Rubie's Pet Shop

Why am I breaking down the superhero themes on a dog blog? Because I believe every dog (or pet for that matter) can be a hero, and I’d like to celebrate that with you. Read about #MyHeroPup, share why your pet is a hero, and have a chance to win a costume of your choice (it doesn’t have to be a hero) from our pals at Rubie’s Pet Shop. We had a chance to write a little about Rubie’s Pet Shop last week. We hope you check out our leprechaun post too!

Every pet is a hero in their own special way. Bean and Yoda might be each other’s sidekick, but their skills and origin story are different.


Bean - when I’m not in my uniform name “Quincy”

Origin Story:

Bean always had a special skill, even as a tiny brown and white puppy, to make the humans around her to feel pure love. It was in the way she would wiggle into the arms of the people near her. The look of adoration when she gazes into any human’s eyes, has the capacity to make time stand still. She is a second saver, that is her power. She can make people savor the moment as each tick of the second hand clicks forward while she spreads the warmth and comfort of true love.

Preferred Look:

Well, she’s shown donning the Rubie’s Pet Shop Robin Costume, and she looks pretty amazing. I have a feeling if she designed her own costume, it would be a sleek silver, with hints of pink. She’s a girls girl, after all.

Bean is a SuperHero in her dog costume from Rubie's PetShop

Yoda - when I’m not in my uniform name “Meatball with Legs”

Origin Story:

Yoda’s origin story, much like many superheros has holes and obscurity. We know he came from a place where he did not feel love and therefore didn’t know how to show it. We also know that he had no rules or morals instilled upon him. When he joined us, his powers were unhinged, he didn’t know how to harness them. It took awhile for him to find his strength and confidence and he used Bean to help show him the way. So, what is his superpower? It’s comedy. He is like a stand up comedian every day, helping to make laughter a part of the lives of all those around him. It comes in the form of joyful bounding from couch to couch, and his occasional poorly planned jump attempts that result in him bouncing off the couch’s surface. It comes in his slapstick burps and bumbles. He is comedy, and he makes us laugh every day.

Preferred Look:

Naked, with a flowing red cape. He prefers to let it all hang out, but likes the pizzaz of a cape for a truly unique superhero look.

Yoda is a clown in a dog costume wig from Rubie's Pet Shop

So, what is your pup’s superhero look and superpower? Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a costume of your choice from Rubie’s Pet Shop!

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