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Feeling Loved Because of Chewy #ChewyInfluencer

We felt little left out. So many of our fellow pet bloggers have shared photos and posts about all the fun stuff they’ve been receiving from Chewy over the past year that we’ve been jealous of all the cool products they’ve had a chance to try. We’ve seen our pals get a chance to try new treats, don new accessories, eat yummy new food, and so much more thanks to Chewy.

Needless to say, when we were given the chance to also be a #chewyinfluencer we jumped at the opportunity! We feel like we’re finally members of the cool club! What exactly does being a Chewy Influencer really mean? It means the company provides us with a chance to receive new products to try so we can share our experiences with our readers and followers on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

We received products from in exchange for an honest review. We only share products with readers that we love and our opinions represent our true experience.

Bean with her first box from

This month, Chewy helped us to feel loved with two great products. We received a stylish bright pink collar from Red Dingo that makes Bean look super cool. We also got to try some treats from Merrick which were perfect for Pet Dental Health Month. Let’s talk a bit more about each of the items we received.

Red Dingo PVC Collar

Bean may be seven, but she’s still incredibly active. She likes to roll on the grass, in the mud, and in anything else that may be stinky and gross. That’s a primary reason why we don’t normally use collars on her, anything with fabric gets pretty funky in a short amount of time. The collar from Red Dingo is great because it’s so easy to clean! We were able to clean it with a swipe of a wipe, or for more serious ick scenarios, a rinse in the sink.

Bean with her Pink Red Dingo Collar from Chewy

We love the bright color options for this collar. When Bean is roaming in the backyard, having a bright pop of color helped us to quickly find her and make sure she wasn’t up to antics that were questionable in nature (i.e. eating rabbit poop, something she loves to do).

While both Bean and Yoda are microchipped, I also like to have tags on them when we go out. There are tags we use that are connected to an online database with our updated contact information and a unique scannable code so folks can immediately be in touch with us should we ever get disconnected from each other. Bean is like a velociraptor in the backyard. She’s constantly checking the perimeter for weakness to locate a possible escape path. Having a collar that allows us to easily add her tag makes us feel more comfortable when we do go out on adventures.

Bean wearing her Red Dingo Collar from Chewy

Merrick Brush Bones

Ever have a dog greet you with a smile and lean in for a kiss? Ever have that kiss be ruined by stinky dog breath? It totally ruins the mood, right? It’s even more of a mood killer when you realize that stinky breath may be an indicator of more significant problems for your pup. Poor dental health can lead to a variety of issues for your dog that can lead to costly medical procedures, discomfort, and illness. Just like with humans, it’s not a cosmetic issue and should be taken seriously.

February is Pet Dental Health Month, but it’s important to work on maintaining your dog’s dental health all year long. There are a variety of ways you can help to prevent stinky breath and worse. Bean allows us to brush her teeth, after a lot of training and positive reinforcement. We brush her teeth daily and were pleased to hear the voice of approval from our veterinarian when she went for her checkup recently.

Bean with Merrick Brush Bones from Chewy

Yoda, on the other hand, will NOT allow brushing to be an option. He joined us as an adult and he is very set on his ways. We’ve had to try alternatives to maintain his dental health ranging from water additives, specific toys, and brushing treats. I’ve noticed a lot of chemicals in other dental treats, which makes me anxious. When I read the back of the bag from the Merrick Brush Bones, I was pleased to see that I could read each ingredient. No scary chemicals or dyes. We feed the dogs a grain free diet, so it was nice to find a grain free dental treat for Yoda to use too.

Bean and Yoda show their purley whites thanks to Merrick and Chewy

We’ve been giving Yoda the Merrick Brush Bones from our Chewy shipment for the past couple of weeks. I’ve noticed that his breath is less stinky and, when he lets me open his mouth, his teeth do look cleaner. We plan on continuing using these treats with him to help maintain his dental health and will continue to work with him to see if maybe one day, he’ll also allow us to brush his chompers. No promises, but it’s worth a try.

That’s all for this month’s Chewy box. We can’t wait to see what we’ll be receiving next month so we can share our experiences with you too! Thanks for letting us share our #ChewyInfluencer story with you.

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