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WIN RedBarn Goodies with #WhyILoveMyPet

Today is Valentine’s Day (for all you fellas out there who may have “forgotten”). I like to view the day as a reminder of the importance of embracing the love we feel for others and how amazing it is to feel loved in return. Sure, that affection is shared between humans. For example, technically, it’s the sixteenth anniversary for the husband and I, meaning we’re getting close to the point where we’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart. I find that to be amazing, weird, and hard to believe all at the same time.

We received treats from RedBarn Pet Products to share our honest assessment with our readers. Our views are our own and we only share information about products and companies we know and love.

Bean hearts treats from RedBarn Pet Products

In addition to the love we feel for our human companions, I know many of us have strong feelings of love for our pets. For us, our two pups are our family, and our love for them is unconditional. I’m pretty sure they’d tell you they love us too, if they could talk! Instead, they’re both snoring on the couch.

Yoda poses for valentine's day with RedBarn Pet Products treats

Inquiring minds want to know why you love your pets? In fact, our friends at RedBarn Pet Products want to shower your pup with goodies if you enter their #WhyILoveMyPet giveaway. You could win a fancy custom pet jar with your pet’s name on it, $100 worth of your favorite RedBarn product, and 10% off all year for any purchase made on!

Grain Free Dipped Bisuits from RedBarn Pet Products

We had an opportunity to try their new Grain Free Dipped Biscuits and both Bean and Yoda LOVED them. As you can see in the photos, Bean was hanging out in a heart made out of the treats. I’m sorry to report that she couldn’t resist the temptation, and she started to eat the heart when I wasn’t looking. I can’t really blame her! Take a look at the “stages of scarfing,” RedBarn Dipped Biscuits in the photos below. They crack me up!

To enter the giveaway, scroll to the bottom of the page OR enter on Facebook . Be on the lookout for a chance to win treats on Instagram once the giveaway hosted by RedBarn wraps up.

Check out our unboxing video to see what your special custom treat jar will look like if you're one of the winners!

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