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What is the Best Dog Coat for Winter? GIVEAWAY

What is the best coat for your dog to use for winter? That's a great question! The answer may change from person to person, but we're here to tell you a bit about our experiences, and why I'm a firm believer that outerwear options from Teckelklub are one of the best options you can find! Read more for reasons why and for a chance to win a Summit Coat of your own to try for your dog!

We live in Massachusetts. New England can be fickle, if you didn't already know. In one moment, we can have balmy weather, requiring little clothing to protect us. In a blink of an eye, the wind can pick up and cause a chill in the air. More drastically, you might be facing a sudden snow or rainstorm. It's a wild ride. Welcome to Massachusetts.

We received items from Teckelklub in exchange for an honest assessment of our views and experience. We only share products with our readers we have tried, and think you would like to try as well.

Bean enjoying her Teckelklub Fuzzie Fleece Dog Coat

It should come as no surprise that if you're cold, your dog might be cold too. Some breeds do well in cold weather, and might actually enjoy the fluffy white stuff falling from the sky, but others really need a protective layer. It's up to you as your dog's owner to gauge the weather conditions and your dog's comfort to determine if outerwear is necessary. If you do reach the conclusion that a coat will help, the next decision will be what dog coat you should buy?

We've had an opportunity to try a multitude of different dog coats over the years. Some have been fleece, and others have been weather resistant. I can attest to the fact that not all coats are created equal. There have been some occasions where Bean shivered as much with a coat on as when she was naked! While other coats restricted her movement, or vision. We've had some that covered the bum area making going number two a bit cumbersome. You'd be surprised at how many outerwear items completely lack ANY reflective material. I don't know about you, but much of our outdoor adventures happen in the dark so having something to reflect light is hugely important.

Yoda staying warm in his Teckelklub Fuzzie Fleece Dog Coat

We had a chance to try a variety of products from Teckelklub that have helped to address each of the variables I've listed in such a way that I'm convinced that they're one of the best options for you to consider when purchasing a coat for your dog.



Bean and Yoda both received a Fuzzy Fleece (shown in the photos above). There are a variety of color options and plaid variations. Bean is shown in "Ivory Rover Plaid," and Yoda received the "Cloud Blue." What you don't see is that there's a reflective bar on the back of the neck.

The dog's harnesses easily slipped over their coats, without restricting their movement. We were able to email the company with their specific size parameters, meaning each coat fits them perfectly! That's sometimes hard to have happen, especially with Yoda, who has a wide, barrel chest but a skinny waist.

bean and yoda in their teckelklub fuzzy fleece coats

Why do we love this? First, it's affordable. The warm coats are reasonably priced, which is much appreciated. If you want to get your paws on one for your pup, use code BrewDog for a 15% discount through the end of February! Secondly, the variety of color options and sizes is amazing. Additionally, these items can be LAYERED under other weather resistant coats for additional warmth and protection. Lastly, praise the universe, they are machine washable! Wahoo! Since the our dogs have undercarriages that are close to the ground, mud can be an issue. We've already washed their Fuzzy Fleece's a few times, and they've maintained their shape and warmth.



Remember that I said the Fuzzy Fleece coats could be layered? We had a chance to add the Summit Winter Dog Supercoat from Teckelklub as Yoda's weather resistant outer layer when it snowed the other day. It helped to keep him nice and warm while he indulged me in taking photos.

Yoda wearing the Teckelklub summit waterproof dog supercoat

The Summit Supercoat is quilted, which helps to make it warmer. It is also reversible and has a nice sized opening for harness attachments. This waterproof coat can be worn without a layer underneath, which is helpful for times when it may not be as chilly but you still want to protect your dog against the elements. While it's currently only available in the black onyx color (which Yoda was happy to know was slimming), it does have a reflective collar on both sides.

I can't speak more highly about the quality craftsmanship of the dog coats we received and the Teckelklub team. This Canadian based company knows how to craft items to keep dogs safe and warm, and I will be a loyal customer for all of Bean and Yoda's outerwear needs from this point forward.



How would you like a chance to win a Summit Winter Dog Supercoat for your dog? Use the widget below to enter.

Don't forget, use code BrewDog for a 15% discount on Teckelklub purchases through February. Valentine's Day is coming up!

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