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Holiday Travel with Dogs is Easier with Solvit Learn and WIN

We received the Solvit HomeAway Travel Organizer to test from the company. We only share products with our readers that we have tried and love. Our opinions shared about this product are an accurate representation of our views. This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link that means we receive a small commission if you make a purchase on amazon after clicking through on the link.

For many folks, the holidays means some version of travel. Whether it be by plane, train, or automobile, any way we can help to make travel easier for everyone, I’m happy to be able to share. If you haven’t visited Solvit yet, you might want to. They have a lot of different products that can make travel with dogs easier (and cleaner). We are fond of their protective covering for the back seat, their booster seats, and a new item that we’ve fallen in love with, their HomeAway Travel Organizer kit. We’re going to share all of the awesome things you can use this kit for AND give you a chance to win one!

Travel with dogs is easier with the Solvit Travel Bag

First, if you need a packing list, I made one for a different purpose but it includes stuff that you’ll need to consider when traveling with pets. You can download it through this post. Don’t forget to include on the list the gifts, appetizers, and booze! You can’t forget booze when spending an extended amount of time with family! If you happen to be driving near Massachusetts, you can always drop off any extra cheese you might have. Cheese is my spirit animal (a statement that makes zero sense).

My friends can attest to the fact that I’m more than a little Type A, so I’m always excited when I find products that help to keep various parts of my life organized. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that one of my favorite blogs to follow has nothing to do with dogs. Have you visited The Joyful Organizer yet? If not, you need to check her site out! Okay, back to the bag. The HomeAway Travel and Organizer kit has helped me to prepare for traveling with the dogs without forgetting important supplies.

Bag Features:


Stylish messenger bag style

The bag can be conveniently slung over your shoulder. It looks like a nice messenger bag instead of a “hey there’s a lot of dog supplies in here,” kind of bag...if that makes sense. It’s a color that my husband doesn’t mind carrying and it’s made from sturdy fabric that can easily be wiped off if it gets dirty.

Enter to win a Solvit Homeaway travel organizer

Generous size

The Solvit website boasts that the bag is capable of holding a full week’s worth of food for a medium sized dog along with a full day’s worth of water. We’ll talk more about what comes with the bag that help to make that possible. In addition to the containers for food and water, the bag also has room for a towel or blanket, treats, brush, toys, poop bags, wipes and whatever else you think you might need.

There’s a compartment on the front with a space to dispense poop bags and another where you can put treats. Each side has a mesh holder for things like a damp towel that needs to be aired out and the water bottle on the other side. Inside, there are separate compartments that help to make sure the food and other supplies stay in their place.

Food Bag

The HomeAway Travel and Organizer kit includes a special bag for dry food. It’s lined so it’s easy to clean and can be closed to help keep the food fresh. It has a convenient handle and can hold a decent amount of food.

Water Bottle

The included water bottle is easy to open and close, is BPH free, and holds up to a full day’s supply of water.

Travel water bottle from Solvit

Collapsible Bowls

The bag includes two bowls that can be folded and tucked away easily in between uses. They are lined and easy to clean.


We’ve already used this bag quite a lot. It’s great to have a dedicated bag for the dogs that we know to grab when we are about to go on adventure that we can sling over our shoulder. It would also be a great item to have as an emergency kit to easily grab and go if the need ever comes up. Keeping veterinary and medical records, a first aid kit, a supply of food, extra leashes and harnesses, and a supply of medication in one convenient bag could really help ensure you’re prepared in the event you need to get up and go quickly. The infographic from Nationwide Insurance below might be helpful for you if you make an emergency bag.

pet emergency bag by nationwide insurancce

If you’d like to pick up one of these HomeAway Travel Organizer Kits from Solvit, you can order one from their website. You can also enter for a chance to win one of your own below!

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