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GIVEAWAY - Molly Mutt Helps Dogs Sleep Better than Humans

The folks at Molly Mutt were kind enough to provide us with this product to test. Even so, our opinions regarding this product are an honest representation of our views. This post has Amazon Affiliate ads. If you click and make a purchase on amazon, we receive a small commission.

We have been huge fans of Molly Mutt ever since we had a chance to try one of their dog bed duvets and dog bed freshener during the summer. Take a look at our previous post about our experience with their duvet covers here. We jumped on the opportunity to try one of their crate covers and want to share a little about our experiences along with a chance for you to win your own duvet or crate cover to try!

One of the awesome parts about Molly Mutt is their huge variety of fabric patterns. Some are brightly colored, some have designs, and others are more subtle. They regularly add new fabrics for folks to choose from and their prices are reasonable enough for folks to be okay with swapping out one duvet for another without breaking the bank. This time, we chose a new pattern, called “Rocketman” which features constellations on a navy blue background. It’s a fun and different design that isn’t so “in your face” that it can’t work in a person’s home decor preferences.

Enter to Win a Molly Mutt Crate Cover

If you’re like me, you like when things are able to coordinate and match your home decor. I love that the company planned for this and offers a variety of options that will connect with any decorating and color scheme you’ve selected. Additionally, I appreciate that their products can all match or be complimentary colors or patterns.

Some folks don’t use crates for their dogs, and that’s totally fine. We have, and our dogs both find their crates to be a comfort zone. Whenever they need some alone time, they will often retreat to their own respective crates to chill out for a bit to recharge. Yoda HATES having his crate covered. He likes to see everything that’s happening around him, I guess he’s a busy body.

Molly Mutt Crate Cover Giveaway

Bean, on the other hand, LOVES having her crate covered and is visibly less comfortable when someone fails to do so. She prefers a dark den to curl up in and take a snooze. In addition to using a cover (before the Molly Mutt cover, we used a sad blanket that was no longer deemed useful for snuggling), Bean will actually burrow under a blanket in her crate and cover her entire body, to enter full snuggle mode.

Molly Mutt Crate Cover Giveway

Here are some of the reasons why we really enjoyed using the Molly Mutt Crate Cover.

  • Fabric that is thick, which means light is blocked

  • Easy snap features which allow for the sides to be rolled up or secured with the other side panels

  • Washable fabric (it blows my mind that some dog beds and other products that are related are not able to be washed sometimes)

  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most crate dimensions

  • Patterns that can match Molly Mutt Duvet Covers

I’m sure you would love to get your paws on either a Crate Cover or Duvet Cover (and Stuff Sack) of your own to try for your pups! Enter our giveaway for a chance to win!

Where is the strangest place your dog has slept before?! Post photos on Twitter and tag us on @dogwalksintobar with hashtag #StrangeWaysMyDogSleeps for a chance to win a A Dog Walks into a Bar t-shirt! Winner will be chosen the same day the giveaway closes. You can enter both giveaways!

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