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We have two dogs, with two very distinctive sets of needs. To be honest, I was surprised how different Bean and Yoda are in just about every way ranging from diet, demeanor, and grooming differences.

Bean is sensitive, really in every sense of the word. She reacts to people’s emotions in an incredibly accurate way. She has a very sensitive stomach, and will have serious bouts of tummy upset when her food equilibrium is changed in any minute way. She also has sensitive skin, with frequent allergic reactions to environmental factors, including pollen and grass. These dermatitis issues have led us on a continual search for shampoos that are both gentle and effective. In a sea of available products to try, it seems like we’ve attempted approximately 100,000 varieties. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

We received products and compensation from the Isle of Dogs in exchange for an honest assessment of their products. All views are expressly our own and honestly represent our experience with the products listed.

Yoda with shampoo and spray from the Isle of Dogs CoCo Clean Line

Yoda, on the other hand, is much more “rough and tumble.” He’s unaffected by dietary changes, which even includes when he eats non-foods like sticks, stones, leaves, and that one time he ate a tiny pink plastic doll house chair. Most of the time, we catch his non-food eating attempts before he swallows. The chair was the exception. We didn’t know that happened until we found pink chair bits for days after he visited our nieces. Fun times!

From a grooming standpoint, Yoda is two things: stinky and shedtastic (that’s not an actual word, but maybe it will be sometime down the road). He smells pretty awful sometimes. It may be lingering farts. I also think he finds all the stinky things to roll in whenever he has a chance. From a shedding perspective, sometimes I look at the floor and on our couch and wonder how Yoda still has fur on his body. Everywhere I turn, there’s fur! It’s astonishing.

I’m sure you can imagine my glee when the folks at the Isle of Dogs reached out to us regarding trying some of their grooming products so we could share our experience. Read on to hear what products we selected, how they panned out and for a chance to win your own Isle of Dogs products to try!

Bean with Isle of Dogs Shampoo for dogs who suffer from allergies

If you take a moment to explore the Isle of Dogs website, you’ll notice that they have a wide range of grooming products to choose from that help cater to a variety of needs. We wound up selecting products from the CoCo Clean line. These products are soap, sulfate and paraben free. They are also infused with coconut oil, which has a lot of health benefits include reducing irritation, strengthening the skin and coat, and deodorizing. We have used coconut oil to assist with Bean’s allergies, so using a shampoo that includes it was a logical choice.

Bean was matched with the CoCo Clean Sensitive Shampoo. In addition to coconut oil, this shampoo also includes oatmeal and jojoba, which help reduce irritation. There’s a very mild fragrance, it’s not perfumey, which can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. We tried the shampoo last week and have not changed any other aspect of allergy maintenance. Since her initial wash, I have noticed a lot less itching. Normally, Bean’s morning routine is rife with ear scratching, rubbing against the couch, and a little more itching for good measure. While her scratching hasn’t gone away entirely, it has noticeably reduced! Hip hip hooray!

The benefits of using coconut oil on dogs

Yoda was paired with the CoCo Clean De-Shed Shampoo. The fragrance was a bit more noticeable with this solution, but it was still light and pleasant. The mixture also includes coconut oil along with other ingredients that help to reduce shedding. Yoda was begrudgingly bathed at the same time as Bean. You’ll notice that there aren’t any photos that I was able to take while the dogs were in the tub, that’s because I was half naked, swearing, and a little worried that I’d drop the camera in the water. Trust me, it was not pretty. I don’t know how folks are able to take bath photos of their dogs that look so serene for all parties involved. It’s false advertising, if you ask me.

Anyway, on to how the shampoo panned out for Yoda. Well, there’s no scientific way to fully assess the degree of shedding, but I can share that the sofa slipcover looked less like a third dog this week than other weeks! I’ll take that as a win!

Yoda balancing a life with less fur thanks to CoCo Clean from the Isle of Dogs

The third item we were able to try was one of the CoCo Clean brush sprays. We used the Red Berries and Champagne. This product is intended to help reduce damage to fur when it’s brushed without being dampened first. It’s simple to use, you spray lightly directly on the dog and then proceed to groom like you normally would. Not only does it help to prevent damage, the scent helps to make your pup smell nice between baths, as they shouldn’t be bathed too frequently since this can dry out their skin. We don’t brush the dogs too frequently, since their fur is so short, but we did this week after using the spray and I will say that Yoda has smelled a lot less like a lingering fart, and more like some fresh fruit.

So, how would you like a chance to win some Isle of Dogs products of your very own to try? Simply fill out the RaffleCopter below for a chance to win!

What is the stinkiest thing your dog wound up doing? Was it a skunk encounter? How about rolling in rogue poo? Let me know in the comments below. One lucky commenter will also have a chance to win!

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