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Learn and Win: Fresh Wave, the Stink Eliminator

We received products and compensation from Fresh Wave in exchange for an honest assessment of their products. All views are expressly our own and honestly represent our experience with the products listed.

We own two dogs. Not just any dogs, Boston Terriers. They pack a lot into tiny, squirmy little tuxedo packages including love, licks, and lively personalities. They also manage to pack a lot of gas into the mix as well. The farts are astonishing, really. I don’t think folks who have not owned or spent a lot of time around Bostons truly understand the degree to which the flatulence occurs. For every one of our over 1,500 photos on instagram, I will pinky swear with you that one of the dogs is farting in practically all of the images shown.

Yoda, aside from being a farting black belt, is a dude. His dudeness means he likes to roll in foul things, eat gross (and normally smelly) non-foods, and then promptly rub his stinky bits all over the soft surfaces in our home. I feel genuine sadness for our couch and what we’ve put it through.

Imagine our elation when Fresh Wave spoke with us while we attended the BlogPaws conference this summer. "Perhaps they will have products that will save us from the stink," I thought! Come to find out, they had a lot of amazing items in their artillery and they were happy to share. Join us as we share some information on Fresh Wave, their products, and how they helped us to be a happier less smelly household! Be sure to join in on our giveaway that will be located at the bottom of the post.

Fresh Wave has helped us to be less stinky

Fresh Wave has been around for 20 years, but we hadn’t heard about them until recently. The company has always used natural ingredients in their products that are safe and non-toxic. This is huge for households with pets and children who have a tendency to investigate by putting stuff in their mouths. They use ingredients that help to remove odors, instead of cover them up. I like to imagine all of the fart smells getting sucked up and thrown away like an air vacuum cleaner. Here are some of the Fresh Wave products we’ve had an opportunity to try. Please note, there are some Amazon Affiliate links provided should you feel inclined to purchase any of these items. Proceeds are donated to our local animal shelter.

Odor Removing Spray

This handy spray has all natural ingredients that smell amazing when spritzed throughout the house. It can be used on any soft surface. While there is a scent when it is sprayed, it doesn’t just cover up the other odors. It actually helps to make the other odors go away! Here’s where we’ve used the spray:

The poor poor couches. I’ve washed the slip covers, sprayed the surface of the couch, put the slip covers back on, and then sprayed the couch again. If you own slip covers, you know that what I really mean to say when I told you I put them back on is that, I swore profusely, sweated an unnatural amount, left the room in a huff, and tried again when I calmed myself down.

Dog and human bedding. The dogs have comfy blankets in their crates that are washed frequently, but still have the ever-present “hey a dog sleeps and farts on this” odor. I have spritzed the Odor Removing spray between washes and have noticed a significant difference.

Carpeting. We mainly have hard wood floors, but I’ve sprayed the area rugs and mats that are in the living room, bathroom and kitchen. Yoda likes to sleep at the base of the tub every time one of us takes a shower, so the mat needs regular sprucing.

My office. I work in an office where I have a large number of guests that make appointments to speak with me. There have been many occasions where guests either have too little deodorant (in other words, they smelled a little “ripe”) or WAY TOO MUCH PERFUME for any single person to wear. Or, they have recently smoked and the essence of cigarette still lingers on their clothing. Now that I have a travel version of the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray, I’ve been able to attend to the stinky guest’s lingering odors by spraying the carpet and the chairs. My office mates and sinuses are forever grateful.

Odor Removing Gel

You’ve seen something like this before, I’m sure. It’s a round tub, with a slotted top. Remove the seal, replace the top, and place in a spot with a lot of stinky things (like next to a litter box, for example). The gel vanishes as it evaporates. I’ve purchased a gel before that claimed to do the same thing when our basement started to smell musty. The result was a perfumy musty basement instead of just a musty basement. So, I was leary of this product.

I have used this product in two places that always need attention: behind the toilet in the bathroom visited most often and in our basement. There’s a pleasant smell when the cap is first opened, but it isn’t a perfume. Once the gel was placed, we didn’t notice the initial scent, but we also didn’t notice the typical smells associated with a bathroom. The basement doesn’t smell like anything now, it just is. Which is amazing. I guess we could have placed one of the tubs near Yoda’s crate, but I’ve simply used the spray instead and it’s helped tremendously.

Odor Removing Packs

These tiny squares pack a punch! You can use one or a few in spots that have odor issues. I have put them in the bags that we normally use to carry Bean & Yoda’s supplies if they’re ever staying overnight somewhere else. I’ve also placed them in the husband’s smelly running shoes. Each trash bin has one at the bottom that gets replaced about once a month. They have helped to make things that were once smelly, have no smell at all.

Want a chance to win a Fresh Wave supply pack?!

Use the RaffleCopter Widget below for a chance to win your own Fresh Wave pack that includes the three items we’ve tried: Odor Removing Spray, Gel and Packs. If you would like to purchase these items, many are found in Target, TrueValue, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.


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