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Sucking Up Dog Hair and Dirt with #bObsweep

We have two dogs and hardwood floors. That should be the beginning and the end of the conversation, but it isn’t. It is the beginning of a tale. A tale of tumbleweeds of fur, dust, and allergies.

Before Yoda joined our household, I was befuddled by the amount of fur a single tiny dog generated. I swept daily, and vacuumed often and still felt like there was room for improvement from a “hey what’s that on the floor?” standpoint. Additionally, both Bean and I suffer pretty severely from allergies (like mother, like daughter I suppose). I am allergic to cats, trees, and dust mites; Bean is allergic to pollen and other seasonal irritants. The need for constant sprucing in an ardent attempt to reduce the symptoms caused by our allergies has been ongoing.

After Yoda joined us, it seemed like there was a perpetual explosion of fur, dirt, and “ick” which is the technical term for dried Yoda slobber. I, to be frank, have been flabbergasted by the multiplication of floor flotsam and jetsam. It’s like we actually added a herd of additional dogs to our home, not just one extra black and white farting mass of Yoda.


We received the bObi Classic from bObsweep in exchange for an honest assessment of its performance. All ideas and opinions are our own, and are an accurate representation of our views.

The bObi Classic vacuum helping to tackle dog hair and allergies

It is with the above explanation of our current flooring grime that I was beyond thrilled when the prospect of adding a robotic vacuum to our home became a reality! I had not heard of a bObi Vacuum, from bObisweep until I learned of the company and its vacuums from a fellow blogger. After learning that a bObi Classic was en route to our home, I researched everything I could find about the company and the vacuums. There are two different vacuums, the Classic and Pet. Both come with a remote and the ability to customize a cleaning schedule (like when you are away from the home for work). They also have battery docking stations, a HEPA filtration device, long lasting battery life, and attachable mop features. The Pet version offers a longer battery life, something referred to as a “bObi blOck” which allows for certain areas of a home to be blocked off (like near a dog’s crate, for example, if you know it might cause a dog to be stressed), it also has boosted suction.

We received our bObi Classic and opening the box was more exciting than Christmas morning! The packaging protected the new family addition and was easy to open. The assembly and setup of the vacuum was incredibly easy. The company even provides the perfect sized screwdriver to open the battery door so you don’t have to go scrounging through your junk drawer (everyone has one of those, right?) to find one!

Bean helping to open our bObi Classic Vacuum

As with any new family member, our new bObi needed a name! I was leaning towards rOberta (see what I did there?), but the clever husband’s idea superceded mine when he said it reminded him of a drOid from Star Wars. Thus, bOba Fett the bObi vacuum was born. I may be adding some googly eyes to bOba Fett when no one is looking to spruce him up a bit.

Once bOba Fett was charged, we went about putting him to the test. Both dogs were out and about when I pressed the “GO” button and off he went! While both Bean and Yoda seemed curious about bOba Fett and did some sniffing, after being around it for a couple minutes, their interest wore off and they went about their normal business of oafing, snorting and farting. I was sure to stay in earshot of the vacuum as he continued to run so I could notice if he got stuck or was in danger of sucking something up (like phone cords) that he shouldn’t have. I only had to interject a few times.


Here are a few things to remember when using a bObi Sweep: you kind of have to think like you’re baby proofing a home. Any rogue cords hanging around on the floor? You should pick them up before putting the vacuum to use. Have anything leaning against a wall, like a TV tray? Tuck it away so that the vacuum doesn’t knock it over. Are there any larger items on the ground that the vacuum might try to grab (for us it was a dryer sheet that had fallen behind the couch)? Grab it and throw it away. It’s not to say that the vacuum will break, but it will make some beeping noises and come to a stop until you attend to the issue at hand. It didn’t have any issue with maneuvering in and out of tight spots, like under the couches, under the guest bed, and between chairs in our dining room.

The other thing I would recommend for any future bObi owners that also have dogs, I wouldn’t advise letting the vacuum run and having your pets near it without your supervision. While it wasn’t an issue for us, I can imagine some curious dogs may try to chase and pounce on the bObi, thinking it’s something to play with.

So, what have been the results since we started using our bObi Classic? In one word - amazing! Our floor has never been cleaner. I am always shocked at how much gunk the little guy is able to pick up in a single run through our downstairs! If you watch the video, and I hope that you do, the dirt and dog hair used to write words on the floor were collected from the tray after a single run in our living room! Additionally, I have noticed that Bean has been scratching less and I haven’t gotten as many headaches which is how my allergies typically manifest themselves, since we began using bOba Fett! I am beyond thrilled with the vacuum’s performance and I would highly recommend this product for pet owners who are struggling with keeping their surfaces clean.

What questions do you have about bOba Fett, our new bObi classic vacuum? Would you like any additional types of photos or videos? Let us know in the comments! Share a photo of the dirt and dog hair pile in your own home and tag bObi on social media using #bObisweep to let them know how your home would benefit from the use of one of these amazing robotic vacuums!

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