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Sleep in Style with #MollyMutt Review and Giveaway

The folks at Molly Mutt were kind enough to provide us with this product to test. Even so, our opinions regarding this product are an honest representation of our views. Since we already own dog beds, this product will be donated to our local animal shelter for pups to use while they wait for their forever homes.

I openly admit that our dogs have a pretty sweet life. Between their grain free food, special treats, and endless accessories, they pretty much have it all. The one exception has been dog beds! We have one piddly round bed that Bean can barely fit her body in, and it’s only after she folds her body in a way that doesn’t look particularly comfortable. We have a second bed that is larger and the dogs sometimes share. My biggest annoyance with this particular bed is that there’s no way to remove the cover to wash it. Yoda is a significant drooler so the fabric now has crusty drool spots that haven’t come out after spot treatment.

Molly Mutt even has an adorable logo

To say we were excited to have an opportunity to try out a bed from Molly Mutt, especially since we had heard great things about their beds before from so many great blogger friends, would be an understatement! For those of you that have not heard about Molly Mutt, it’s a unique option for folks that would like to customize their dog’s bed and also help them to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

When you hear “pet bed,” you probably picture a pre-stuffed bed that is either round or square/rectangular. Some of those beds have removable covers, but their stuffing cannot be washed and if it can, it’s not without some warping of fabric and difficulty reassembling. Molly Mutt is completely different!

Steps to make a Molly Mutt bed

It’s actually a few parts. First is a decorative duvet that can be square or round and come in four sizes that can accommodate dogs from less than fifteen pounds to more than seventy pounds. The duvet covers are reasonably priced, so you can swap out covers or even order bundles with more than one cover included. This also means that the cover is easily washable.

Molly Mutt Duvet in Romeo & Juliet with Stuff Sack

The second part of the bed is a “stuff sack,” which is included with each bed. This mesh bag, has a zipper to enclose its contents. It reminds me of the laundry bags you see college kids use when they begrudgingly admit that they are out of clean undies as they trudge down stairs to their laundry room.

The third piece to the puzzle is up to you! What I mean is, you can choose any soft items to “stuff” into the sack that will shape into the bed once it’s full. One of the genius reasons behind this idea is that, your dogs are attracted to your scent. You can fill the sack with clothing items that remind your pups of you, which helps them to feel more comfortable! This idea is also great because so many people have closets or drawers brimming with clothing items that they won’t ever wear again. I recently filled a bag with clothes that were the size I was in high school and, unless I saw my body in half, will never be that size again! Might as well put those sweaters and t shirts to good use and make a pet bed out of them!

Bean with the Molly Mutt Stuff Sack and bed filling

While not listed as a use, the other idea that came to mind when thinking about using clothes is “how great is this bed when I travel with my pup?!” Just throw the clothes that were in the suitcase into the sack and voila, you have a pet bed that didn’t take up tons of room in your car, or other luggage!

Molly Mutt stuff Sack ready to be made into a bed

If you don’t have available clothing items, or would rather not use this option, old towels and blankets/sheets are a great option too! I actually used some of the blankets and towels that were destined to be donated to our local shelter to fill the bed for testing. We requested a larger bed than what we really need for Bean and Yoda for photo purposes. We plan on donating the duvet, stuff sack, and filling to the shelter for pups to lounge on while they wait for their forever homes. Even though we won't be keeping the bed, both Bean and Yoda seemed to really enjoy lounging and snoozing for the span of time that the bed was filled with blankets and towels. You can see that Bean made herself comfortable in the photo below!

Molly Mutt bed stuffed and ready for snoozing

In addition to the variety of beds, Molly Mutt also has coordinating crate covers, “bolsters,” for pups to rest their cute fuzzy heads on (our friends at Baylie Dog recently wrote about the bolsters if you would like to learn more), they also have leashes and collars, adorable totes and pouches, and one of my favorite things Dog Bed Deodorizer! This light and fresh spray is dye free and doesn’t include sulfates or parabens. Unlike other sprays, it doesn’t cover odors, it neutralizes them! It is made with geranium oil, which naturally helps to repel fleas and ticks along with lavender oil, which helps to calm dogs and humans alike! You can use the spray on any fabric that your dog spends time on! We have sprayed it in the dog’s crates between washing their blankets and on our couches, where they spend much of their lounge time. We, of course, have also sprayed the deodorizer on the dog’s current beds!

The Molly Mutt Trifecta: Duvet, Stuff Sack, and Bed Freshener

We hope you visit Molly Mutt. Their variety of bolster covers alone is a reason to take a look at their beds! Use the Rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win your own Dog Bed Deodorizer! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

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