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When a Water Bowl isn't just a Water Bowl

It seems so simple. Get bowl - from cabinets, from a store, from the basement. Fill bowl with water. Place on floor. Have pup slurp and promptly tell you they have to go potty. Add more water. Repeat. Who knew, that a water bowl for dogs (and cats) can be so much for than what I’ve described.

We serendipitously received a beautiful new Torus Water Bowl by Heyrex right around the same time a second dog joined our family. Why does this matter? Well, as you can tell by the photo, there is a relatively wide “wall” surrounding the bowl. While it may look a bit cumbersome (and I will share, it was larger than I expected), it’s wider for a genious reason. The bowl can hold two liters of water in its reservoir!

Bean takes a sip from the Heyrex Torus Bowl

While this would still be helpful for a house with one dog, especially with Bean, the diva, who will push an empty water bowl into the room where you’re sitting to hammer the point home that you’ve failed as a pet parent because they had an empty receptacle for drinking...even if it was only for a moment. I must say, it’s been truly appreciated in a home with more than one dog.

Water flowing into the Heyrex Torus Water Bowl

There are also available filters that are inserted at the opening. These mini britaesque filters, have had an unexpected effect for us. You know those unsightly, yellowed and dry parts of your lawn when your dogs pee in the same spot over and over and over? They no longer occurred after filtering their water through the Torus bowl. While this is not an advertised feature, it was something we encountered!

For the Game of Thrones Fans, Yoda enjoys some water near our welcome mat

There is an opening towards the bottom of the bowl that releases water in a tiny trickle. For those of you that like the idea of offering water that is flowing (like with the now available fountains) but don’t want to have to plug a bowl in, this gives the same flowing water feature for animals with that preference.

Lastly, there’s a lock! Yep, you can bring a completely full bowl with you on a road trip without worrying that water will slosh all over the back of your car (not that that’s EVER happened to us). Once you reach your landing spot, you just turn the dial, release the water, let the pups get hydrated, and relock it when it’s time to hit the road.

Bowls can be purchased through the Australian based company’s website. They can also be purchased on Amazon (click on the image of the bowl to the right. There is a smaller size with a one liter reservoir, which is suitable in size for cats. There are different color options to choose from. If you're on the market for a new water bowl, I highly recommend this product!

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