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Why We Love Clear Conscience Pet

We received items to try from Clear Conscience Pet in order to best share our honest opinion. We only share products that we love and our opinions are our own. Please note, there is an affiliate link available should you decide to purchase items.

As you know, we frequently participate in photo contests through different channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We also happen to win a lot of prizes. For the most part, those prizes include treats, food, toys and supplies. Prizes are always donated to our local shelter.

I’m a bit trepidatious to admit that, due to the high volume of prizes, I sometimes fail to research the products and their company before donating them. There are are some occasions where certain items catch my eye, leading me to investigate them further.

One of those times, the prize was a package of treats by a company called Clear Conscience Pet. The most notable reason for me to take pause was the packaging. Unlike almost all of the other treats which were packaged in such a way where you couldn’t see the product inside or, if you did, it was a tiny window for peeking at the contents. The entire product was visible within the packaging for Clear Conscience Pet. It was like an invitation saying “Please, investigate, we don’t have anything to hide.”

Lamb Airy Bites by Clear Conscience Pet

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that, the first impression directly ties to what the company stands for. In a sea of businesses that alledge to be “holistic,” or “all natural,” or any of the other cleverly constructed euphemisms intended to confuse the buyer, this small, family owned business is different.

At its helm is a husband and wife team who have been working in the pet industry well before the term “holistic” was stamped on every product. They have been witness to the changes in the pet food industry and have sought out to provide items that are safe, healthy, and mindfully manufactured. Their other primary aim is to educate their consumers about animal nutrition and care.

The folks at Clear Conscious Pet were kind enough to send along a generous package of treats and packets of a brown powder called SuperGravy for Bean and Yoda to try. Let’s just say, they thought they had died and gone to K9 heaven!

First, let’s talk about that fun sounding powder. SuperGravy (which, let’s be honest, anything including gravy is super...omnomnomnomnom) is a powder enhancer for dog food. Bean is a very picky eater, and we’ve had difficulty with her wanting to eat her food ever since she was a puppy. We historically have to add canned food with her kibbles in order for her to even give the meal more than a passing glance. The tides turned with the addition of SuperGravy! It’s ingredients include - Beef Liver, Turkey Liver, flax and chia seed, turkey heart, kelp, and dried spinach tomato and carrot. I’m listing these ingredients because Bean also suffers from severe allergies. The protein sources being something other than chicken is a huge win for us as well. Needless to say, it has helped her to eat her food without the need for expensive canned food and has not negatively impacted her sensitive tummy or allergies.

In addition to the SuperGravy, we also received: Lamb Airy Bites, Beef Trachey Chewz, and Beef Sliders Tender Stikz. You can see in the photos provided that the treats are clearly visible for each item.

For anyone (which should be read as everyone) who works on training their dog using positive reinforcement, finding high value treats that are easy to use and low in fat can be difficult. Treats made from dehydrated lung, in this case Lamb, are a great option for training. The Lamb Airy Bites can be broken into small pieces, they’re stinky (which is good for training, it gets the pup’s attention and keeps them focused), and a little goes a long way. These specific treats are also coated with dried spinach, pumpkin and carrot for some added nutritional benefit.

Bean & Lamb Airy Bites by Clear Conscience Pet

Treats that are made from animal tracheas are more suited for chewing than training. The Beef Trachey Chewz made by Clear Conscience Pet are roasted with the same coating as what’s found on the Lamb Airy Bites. The pups enthusiastically chewed on their Chewz for close to an hour before taking a snooze. In total, they lasted a few days each for the dogs. If you have given your dogs items like rawhide or pigs ears for chewing, I highly recommend that you consider switching to an alternative like these chewz. They are not chemically treated like what you find in other kinds of chews and are much healthier. Additionally, they have cartilage, which is a natural source of collagen and glucosamine.

Yoda & Beef Trachey Chewz by Clear Conscience Pet

The Beef Sliders are soft treats that can be divided and given to multiple dogs. They can also be cut into small pieces for training. The company does recommend that the product be refrigerated after opening, to ensure their continued freshness. The treats are grain and preservative free (hence the need for refrigeration). They include beef or chicken and cheddar cheese. The meat is from the USA in a USDA inspected plant.

If you’re on the market for healthy, safe, and well made treats or a food additive for your picky pups, I highly recommend that you investigate Clear Conscious Pet. We have enjoyed having an opportunity to learn more about the people behind the company, what they stand for, and their products.

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