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How to Ensure a Fear Free Dog Nail Trim

Bean has been in our lives for just over nine years. As in, the nine year anniversary of us bringing her home was yesterday (November 14th). She was the first dog I had had since my childhood dog and the first dog I ever experienced the anguish over trimming her nails. Her four tiny paws have been clicking on our floor tiles and hardwood floor for 3,285 days and, in those days, I have accidentally cut the quick of her nail more often than I’d like to admit. Even though I’m now a “seasoned” dog owner, I never fully felt comfortable with trimming her nails and I have even heard myself blaming other things for my inability to read the road map of her feet. “It’s the darn clipper!” I’ve said more than once. There might have also been some swearing, but Bean will never divulge my secrets and for that, I thank her.

We received access to the Dr. Buzby Nail Trimming without Fear Master Course and her Nail Trimming Kit along with compensation in exchange for an honest assessment of our experience. We only share products that we've tried and love and our opinions are our own.

Just because we now also have Yoda in our household, doesn’t mean my ability to trim nails had improved by the time he joined us. I had simply resorted to other tactics instead, namely bringing both of them to our veterinarian or the pet hotel where they stay when we travel to have a “professional,” do the deed on our behalf. Every once and awhile, I’d realize the dog’s nails were unruly and I’d trim them on my own, and many times I regretted the decision as I looked in our cabinet for corn starch to help stop a bleeding quick from making a mess. I would apologize profusely, give treats generously, and question my ability to be a good pet parent.

Last year, we noticed some hindquarter lameness in Bean. Her back paws would drag as she didn’t lift her paw completely with each step. Frightened, we consulted the veterinarian who ruled out neurological issues, and tick borne illness. She did feel the starting point of arthritis, and recommended we add joint supplements to her daily routine. We also wound up adding ToeGrips to her list of tools in her toolbox, which helped her to gain traction. ToeGrips aren’t as effective if a dog’s nails are too long, as they don’t make as much contact with the ground. As a result, our need to keep Bean’s nails at a shorter length reached a higher priority level. You’ll notice in our photos that Bean doesn’t have her ToeGrips on, we took them off for the photos to show her nails, but put them back on as soon as our photos had been taken.

It’s with the increased awareness of our need to keep the dog’s nails trimmed regularly, that we welcomed the opportunity to try Dr. Buzby’s new Nail Trimming Without Fear Master Course. It’s called a “master” course for a reason. You will feel like a nail trimming master after going through the course materials! Of that, I am positive. Got a puppy? How about a dog with dark colored nails? What about a dog with light colored nails? Big dog? Tiny dog? Dr. Buzby will help you come up with the best strategy for successful nail trimming for any dog that falls in these categories. She’ll help you figure out how what tools to use, how to position yourself and your dog for the most comfortable trim possible, and how to trim without hitting the quick.

I participated in the Nail Trimming Without Fear Master Course in one sitting, although you can break it up into more than one visit, whatever works for you. After completing the course, it was the first time I ever looked forward to trying a nail trim, armed with my new knowledge. The next day, I got my tools together, corralled the dogs, and headed to the all-weather porch which has the best natural lighting. I think both dogs sensed my level of confidence because they seemed a lot less anxious with their nail trim than normal. As always, I gave regular praise, belly rubs, and high value treats. At the end of our nail trim session, both dogs had the shortest nails they’ve ever had, a belly full of treats, without a single quick getting accidentally clipped! I’m not going to lie, I cried a little. To be able to see the ToeGrips work more effectively with Bean now that her nails are shorter (and will continue to be shorter as I work on shortening her quick through more regular trims), and to also feel more confident in trimming their nails without any discomfort is life changing for me and them.

Dr. Buzby wants to be able to share her message far and wide and I can’t think of a better person to help spread the word about fear free nail trims! I’m excited to share that we have an exclusive coupon code that will allow you to get 45% off off the course (that's a value of more than $75)! This is a limited time offer, so make sure you stop by and join the class ASAP! Here's your chance to WIN access to the class and the nail trim kit (and additional $45 value). The special discount ends when the giveaway ends, so don't wait to subscribe!

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