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Finding an Affordable and Durable Dog Chew

Got a dog? Got a butt load of dogs? If yes, do you ever struggle with finding toys or treats that will keep them occupied for a long time, that’s safe, affordable, and easy to find and will last for longer than an afternoon? For us, the answer is yes!

We’ve given up on subscription boxes because the toys inside are destroyed, sometimes before I’m able to put the box in the recycling bin. In fact, we’ve given up on a lot of toys because, I really can’t stomach spending all the money on a dog toy that won’t last for longer than, at most, a day or two. Especially now that we have multiple dogs in the home, I’m always on the hunt for something that is durable, and affordable where I can buy more than one for each dog and it won’t break the bank.

We received products and compensation from Lumabone in exchange for an honest assessment of our views. We only share products we have tried and love and our opinions are our own.

When I learned about Lumabone, which is new to the market, I wanted to learn more! They are durable dog chews that you can find at Walmart for a super affordable price! They are made with nylon and are BACON flavored! Mmmmmmmm, bacon.

We got our paws on the two different styles of Lumabone (Wishbone & Dental Chews) and put them to the test with Bean and Yoda. They LOVED them and now carry them around the house, clunking them on our heads as we are laying down on the couches. Their drool covered, chewed edges are always what I’ve hoped to have bonked on my temple as I’m drifting to sleep. But, hey, as long as they are happy, I’m happy!

As you can probably tell from my lavish lifestyle of pet blogging, we don’t have a shortage of toys and chews to “chews” from (get it?) in the household. In fact, the “bin of stuff” is emptied and strewn around the house at least eight times a day. The Lumabone chews have quickly become the choice item for Bean and Yoda and they will nose through everything else in the bin until they get to one and start happily chomping away.

The both style of chew are curved, so the dogs are able to actually get leverage and pick up the chews and hold them. Bean prefers to use a pillow that looks like Yoda’s head for leaning on while chewing, I feel like it may be a hidden message, but we’ve chosen to ignore it.

From a safety standpoint, just a quick FYI. As with any toy, treat or chew, please don’t leave your dogs unattended. Also, please keep an eye on the chew itself. Once it’s getting jagged, its time to replace it so it doesn’t break and so it doesn’t cut their gums. The company recommends replacing Lumabones once a month, which is reasonable considering how affordable they are.

Want a chance to win a box of Lumabones of your own to try AND for a box to be sent to a shelter of your choice?! We thought you’d say yes so the handy dandy widget for the giveaway is below. There’s also a link just in case the widget doesn’t pop up like what sometimes happens on smartphones.

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