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Add Flavor and Hydration to your Dog's Meals with Fruitables Broth Bowls

Sometimes I feel Bean gets the most attention on this blog, she with her allergies, anxiety, and fancy food. Yoda is easier, and sometimes that means he gets less “coverage” in what I write, and that makes me feel guilty. That’s why I’m excited about today’s post that is all about the Yoda von Blorpy Pants (not his legal name). Join me as we talk about his exciting taste test for some Fruitables Broth Bowls and a quick way to make treats to keep dogs entertained for a small amount of calories.

You’ve probably seen treats from the Fruitables brand. They can be found in most pet stores including chains and local, independently owned stores. I’ve even seen them on the shelves at Marshall’s. You may not have seen their newer product, Broth Bowls, although I did recently find them when I visited the family owned pet store in a neighboring town.

We received Fruitables Broth Bowls and compensation in exchange for an honest assessment of our views. We only share products that we have tried and love and our opinions are our own. This post contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. If you use it to make a purchase, we make a small commission.

Bean helped me find some Fruitables Broth Bowls at our local pet store!

Broth Bowls are low-calorie, broths that can be added to your dog’s food. Yoda is a dog who is known to scarf his food. As in, it took him less than a minute to eat (we timed him) before we added some ways to slow him down. We’ve used a slow feeder, and a Snuffle Mat to help him slow down a bit and savor his meal. Adding a broth is another way to help a dog slow down and also enjoy their meals. We’ve been adding the broths to Bean’s NomNomNow, which is a soft food that comes in pouches, and she’s been loving it, so it’s a great option for kibble or soft foods! While we aren’t using dehydrated foods right now, the broths would also be great for reconstituting foods like Stella & Chewy or The Honest Kitchen.

I worry about making sure Bean and Yoda have enough fluids throughout the day. Since they share a water bowl, it’s hard to tell how much each dog is drinking. Adding a liquid to their meals, like the Broth Bowls is another way we can make sure they get enough fluids. While we no longer have to worry about Bean not having an appetite since she’s been using NomNomNow, if that were an issue still, this kind of broth would also be great as an appetite stimulant.

In addition to being low in calories, the broths (which come in a variety of flavors including Bacon, Veggie, Chicken and Beef) are made specifically for a dog’s needs, meaning it doesn’t include garlic or onions. The ingredients are from USA sourced suppliers and it’s made in a US facility that can also make human foods.

Now that the days are getting shorter, I feel like the dogs are getting bored more easily and a little restless. To combat this, we try to add enrichment activities for the dogs in a variety of ways ranging from creating obstacle courses in the living room, treat finding games, food and treat dispensing puzzles, and training. Another way to add enrichment is by providing food or treats in a different form. We used our Fruitables Broth Bowls and poured three of the different flavors into flexible ice cube trays. Once frozen, you can add them to your dog’s food, or give them as a treat. Since Bean and Yoda are small, it takes a couple minutes of licking and chomping to make their way through a cube. Maybe it’s in my head, but I feel like they are happier when we try to add these enrichment activities for them!

Take a look at our video below to see which of the four flavors “won” Yoda’s taste test and let us know what flavor you think your pet would most like to try!

Enter for a chance to win a prize pack of your own Broth Bowls to try with your pets using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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