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April Showered Us in Chewy Goodies

Every month we are blown away by the amazing products that you can get your paws on through Chewy. Just recently, I discovered that they sell the food that we get for Bean and Yoda, which we normally could only find at local small specialty pet stores. While I love supporting our local pet stores, when you save $25 a bag through Chewy, it makes a huge difference in our bottom line! This month, Chewy sent us two items that we had a chance to use. One we had not heard of or used before this month, the other a new flavor in an old favorite.


You’ve heard us sing our praises for Natural Balance multiple times, so when we had an opportunity to try some of their limited ingredient treats, we enthusiastically took Chewy up on the offer. We love the limited ingredient treats because they come in a variety of proteins and limited uses of grains that might mess with a dog’s allergies. Bean and Yoda have tried Fish and Sweet Potato, Potato and Duck and we just received the Sweet Potato and Venison treats.

We received products to try from in exchange for an honest assessment of our views and experiences. We only share products we've tried and love and our opinions are our own.

Natural Balance Treats from Chewy

These treats are made with healthy ingredients that don’t impact Bean’s allergies or sensitive stomach. The contents are easy to read and I always feel safe feeding their treats and food to Bean and Yoda, knowing the ingredients are natural and made in the United States. As you can probably tell, this flavor option was gobbled up by the pups. We used them (broken up) for walks on the local college campus now that there are many more dogs and other distractions (mostly squirrels, but also the occasional beaver, fox, and chipmunk) when we’re walking. They help the dogs redirect and focus, which helps for ensuring fun and safe walks.

Bean found a fox when we were on a walk

Last month, we received a probiotic from Purina Pro Plan. This month, we received another item that helps with digestion and preventing upset stomach from The Honest Kitchen. This item, The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Herbal Dog & Cat Nutritional Supplement, which is not a probiotic, has human-grade ingredients that have been proven to help when a dog has stomach upset, gas, loose stool and even IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Herbal Dog & Cat Nutritional Supplement

Yoda and Bean went to visit their grandparents for Easter weekend. They love the freedom of staying at grandma and grandpas, where food schedules are not kept, treats are given with complete abandon, and yummy human food crumbs are easy to find and nibble on. It does mean, that sometimes either Bean or Yoda will have some poo issues when we bring them home. Normally, we have to worry about Bean, but this time, it was Yoda who came home with tummy rumbles, fart clouds, and some wet poo.

We mixed some of The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Herbal Dog & Cat Nutritional Supplement with water to make a paste and then mixed that into Yoda’s food. He will eat anything that isn’t nailed down, so him gobbling the Nutritional Supplement isn’t much of a surprise, but I’m still happy that he did. After a couple portions added to his meals a few times after he came home, his tummy issues went away. I am so happy to have this as an item to use when issues come up, as I’m sure they will for any number of reasons in the future.

I can’t wait to see what we’ll get in our next shipment from Chewy! They helped us celebrate spring with new treats and happy bellies, I’m sure May will have tons of fun stuff too!

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