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[GIVEAWAY] Drinking & Dogs Product Lineup

This blog is titled “A Dog Walks into a Bar,” so it should probably not come as much of a surprise to hear that we love all things dogs and drinking, and we especially love when the two are able to combine in a beautiful matrimony of booze and buddies.

I thought you’d like to see a fun roundup of products we’ve encountered over the years that have allowed our dogs to be a part of our adult beverage interests and our adult beverage interests to be connected to our dogs. Scroll down for our product roundup and enter for a chance to win some of the goodies included in the mix!

This post contains some Amazon Affiliate links and an affiliate coupon code for PrideBites. If you make a purchase after clicking the link, A Dog Walks into a Bar earns a small commission. All opinions shared are an accurate representation of our views and experiences.

Beer Bow Tie from The French Dog

We have a few very talented friends who make amazing accessories for dogs. One of those friends is Karen from The French Dog. She has an adorable Frenchie named Louie that I may or may not have made out with when I saw him at BarkWorld in October and BlogPaws last summer (don’t tell Bean & Yoda that I cheated on them). Look at that face, how could I resist?!

Louie from The French Dog

When Karen reached out with some fabric options she found that have beer, I was SO EXCITED to see the finished products. As you can see, she made an awesome Beer Dog Collar and matching Bow Tie for both Bean and Yoda. They are amazing! Yoda wore his when he recently joined me at our radio interview to talk about being a finalist for this year’s BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards.

Beer Dog Collar and Bow Tie from The French Dog

You could win a set for your own dog, specially made to fit your dog’s specific measurements by entering the giveaway below! If you can’t wait, or you want to get your paws on other options, check out The French Dog’s Etsy Store to order accessories to your heart’s content!

Collars, Harnesses and Packs with Bottle Openers from Kurgo

Pretty much any Collar, Harness or dog Backpack from Kurgo has a bottle opener on it. After a fun adventure out on the trail with your pup, you can find a comfy spot at the top of the mountain you just climbed or near a beautiful body of water, and enjoy a tasty cold beer thanks to your four legged friend and Kurgo. How sweet is that?

We have really enjoyed using their Muck Dog Collars because they are easy to clean, bright, and affordable. You can purchase them in a variety of colors and patterns.

Did you know that Kurgo, a Massachusetts based company, is also a dog friendly office for their staff? I hope to visit their home base one day to check them out but, in the meantime, we’ll keep buying their products.

Bowser Beer - Non-Alcoholic Beer for Dogs

Yes, you read what I wrote correctly. There’s a beer that’s been specially made for dogs. As you know, real beer can be harmful for dogs to consume, primarily because of hops, but obviously alcohol should not be consumed by dogs either. Barley, on the other hand, is sweet and safe for dogs to consume. In fact, many breweries will donate their spent grain to local farms for pigs and cows to enjoy which helps to make the brewing process sustainable. You can even make your own spent grain dog treats using the barley, using this recipe.

Bowser Beer Dog friendly Beer

Bowser Beer has all of the yummy stuff from beer that dogs like, and they add real meat (either beef, pork or chicken) and glucosamine for joint health! You can pour it right out of the bottle, for your pups to enjoy, mix some in with your dog’s favorite food for an added treat, or make a variety of recipes. We’ve made Beer Pops, by freezing the Bowser Beer in ice cube trays. Sometimes I’ve included slivers of jerky treats for texture.

Bowser Beer Dog Friendly Beer

Bowser Beer also makes a variety of treats, including some that look like cigars and pretzels! You can also get custom labels so your dog, is featured on the bottle! You could win a pack of Doggie Cigars from Bowser Beer and a custom label for your dog beer!


So, you might remember that SodaPup was featured in our holiday gift guide around the holidays. If you’re new to us, check out our roundup of items which were amazing! SodaPup has a variety of durable dog toys, including some that look like the tabs on soda or beer cans, some that look like soda cans, and others that look like beer caps and beer bottles!

Bean and her SodaPup Beer Bottle Toy

We love this company because they donate factory seconds, products that might look a little wonky, but function perfectly to shelters across the country. When I say donate, I mean they send a case of toys! It’s an incredibly generous gesture that a lot of companies don’t do.

When Yoda and Bean had a chance to try their toys, they especially loved the Beer Bottle Treat Dispenser. They would nose it around the living room, and gobble up goodies as they spilled out. Bean is an intense chewer, and all of their toys we’ve used have held up to the chewing test. You could win one of the beer related dog toys from SodaPup if you enter the giveaway below!


You may recognize PrideBites from their feature on SharkTank. They’ve grown a lot since we’ve started working with them. Their original product line was mostly focused on durable plush toys in a variety of fun shapes and themes. They have since added to their offerings to include a slew of products that can be personalized, like dog beds, blankets, and outerwear. If you love them as much as we do, you can use code BEANPARTY for a 20% discount on purchases (shameless plug alert).

Bean and Yoda are obsessed with their plush toys. Over the years, they’ve had a steak, monkey, a “Paws Light” beer bottle, and most recently a Tito’s Vodka bottle. They last for a long time, especially considering how much of an aggressive chewer Bean is. They float, have multiple squeakers, and are machine washable. Enter for a chance to win a Tito’s Vodka PrideBites toy in the giveaway below.

Tito’s Vodka (for the humans to enjoy, with their “wingpups”)

Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but Tito’s has to be in this lineup. They’re slogan is “Vodka for Dog People,” and their commitment to helping animals in need has been a part of their core since their origin. Tito Beveridge (which, with a last name like that, was essentially destined for the adult beverage industry if you ask me), would notice a slew of strays on his way to the distillery and near the property. Instead of ignoring them, or presuming they were “someone else’s problem,” Tito and his team took it upon themselves to help find homes for them, which has been a part of their legacy from that point onward. Over the years, some of the dogs have found forever homes with staff members, which further intertwines the lives of the dogs and the soul of the company.

Be on the lookout for fun dog themed drink recipes now that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. As you can imagine, they have fun names like “Hair of the Dog,” among many other clever concoctions. Enter below for a chance to win a Tito’s Vodka calendar and leash.


Here's the link to the rafflecopter just in case you don't see it below.

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