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Share your Rescue Story and Win Barkworthies Prizes

Imagine a family who has spent their time talking about bringing a pet into their home. They look online tirelessly at rescue sites, soaking in the photos of dogs with pleading faces, and back stories that could make even the strongest person sad. They find a dog that seems like a great fit for their home. After gathering the essentials in preparation for an impending adoption, “nesting,” if you will, they make their way to the shelter with anticipation, hope, jittery nerves, and glee.

Every rescue organization is different, but most have some sort of adoption fee. Imagine the pure joy if the family who had scraped together money to bring home their new family member, arrived at the shelter only to hear that the adoption fee had already been paid for them. That, is a pretty amazing story. What makes it amazing, is that it isn’t a hypethetical for those individuals hoping to adopt a pet from Chicago Canine Rescue, One Tail at a Time and Austin Pets Alive, thanks to the generosity of Barkworthies as they launch their new rescue program called “Chews Rescue.”

Sometimes, good brands become even better because of how they chose to help. Some brands only elect to serve in a philanthropic way because they know it’ll make them look better. In fact, if a brand is smart, they’ll fold that into their business practice, it’s commonplace in many industries. Just because it’s a smart move, doesn’t always mean it’s for the right reasons, which is why I always smile when a brand like Barkworthies are really putting where their mouth is.

Barkworthies is helping to commemorate Adopt a Shelter Pet day, which is taking place on April 30th by paying the adoption fees during the weekend of the thirtieth for the three organizations listed (Chicago Canine Rescue, one Tail at a Time and Austin Pets Alive). That act can help pets find their forever homes while making the process less financially burdensome for adoptive pet owners. This, all around, can do so much good for so many animals and the three rescue organizations and their communities.

To help celebrate animal rescue even more, they are also hosting an awesome giveaway on their facebook page. If you share your rescue story, you could win one of five Barkworthies prize packages.

I hope you enter, and I hope you share this great gesture with your friends. Cheers to animal rescue and brands that are helping, like Barkworthies.

Do you have an adoption story to tell? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear your experience.

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