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Jump for Joy with Joyful Jerky GIVEAWAY

There are two things you can probably tell about us. We are always on the go and, whenever possible, our dogs are with us. It’s not uncommon for one or both of the pups to join us for errands, dining, road trips, outdoor treks, and seeking the next dog friendly brewery to frequent!

Training is never something that ends. We continually work on social skills with the dogs when they are in new environments, potentially with large crowds, other dogs, small children, loud noises, etc. Sometimes, when I have my act together, I’ll fill my treat pouch with tasty treats for the dogs before tracking down some poop bags and hitting the road. A lot of times, I try to find a treat that can be easily broken up that I can slip in my pocket when we are about to go on an adventure. The treat bag screams “hey, there’s a crazy dog lady over here!” Sometimes I’d rather not draw attention to myself.

We received a bag of Joyful Jerky treats from Honest Kitchen in exchange for an honest assessment of our views and experiences. We only share products with our readers that we have tried and love. Opinions shared about this product are an accurate representation of our views. This post has amazon affiliate links, which means we earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on the link.

Enter to win Joyful Jerky by honest kitchen

Not all treats can be discretely placed in a pocket or purse. Some are too hard and cannot be broken off with fingers alone. Some are too brittle and will crumble. Some are too small. A lot will leave some residue (if it’s a soft treat) that is difficult to wash out. I kind of feel like Goldilocks, so I’m always on the hunt for high value treats that I can use on our trips. Bean also has an allergy to poultry, so we need to find treats from unique protein sources too, which makes the process even more fun!

When our friends at Honest Kitchen reached out regarding their new Joyful Jerky treats, we were happy to have a chance to give them a try. There’s are two choices: chicken and beef (we selected the beef) and both have three ingredients. Here’s the inside scoop.

joyful jerky giveaway from honest kitchen

Easy to Pack and Go

The Joyful Jerky treats from Honest Kitchen are available in either filets or bite sizes. We wound up using the filets, which were large enough to break up to give treats on our most recent trip to the store.

No Residue on Fingers or in Pockets

While the filets are flexible and easy to break up in your fingers, they’re not greasy. When you pull apart tiny bits, your fingers stay clean and my pockets weren’t gross after our outing.

Enter to win joyful jerky from the honest kitchen

Limited Ingredient

The treats have three ingredients: the protein (either chicken or beef, salt, and celery juice powder. Simple, and safe. The meat is human grade and none of the ingredients are from China.

Joyful Jerky treats from honest kitchen


Yes, my own travel demands are important (to me), but if the dogs don’t like the treats, that means nothing! Both Bean and Yoda LOVED their treats. Bean is historically very picky with her food and treats, and also has a very sensitive stomach, so we are selective with what we even try. Not only did she go bonkers for the treats, her tummy was in fine working order after having had a decent amount of pieces from the Joyful Jerky filet.

Since the giveaway has now ended, if you want to get your paws on some of these treats, you can purchase them through Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Enter to win Honest Kitchen Joyful Jerky Dog Treats


So, do you want a bag of Joyful Jerky Treats from Honest Kitchen to try? If yes, take a moment to enter the giveaway below!

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