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11 Signs You Don't Have a Dog; A Dog Has You

When you talk more to your dog than you do to your significant other and are totally fine with that.

  • When you have a color coded binder filled with medical records and training papers.

  • When you spend more on your dog’s food than your own groceries (organic, grain free doesn’t come cheap).

  • When you plan your vacation around your dog, and don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • When you have multiple articles of clothing, pairs of shoes, and perhaps a purse with dogs on it.

  • When you have been invited, and have attended in a non-satirical way to a dog’s: wedding, birthday party; or “gotcha day” celebration.

  • When 80% of your phone’s photo memory is occupied by photos of your beloved pup.

  • When you proudly post photos of your dog’s “graduation ceremony,” in the same way parents post pictures of their children graduating from kindergarten, and feel the same degree of pride.

  • When you leave your tv on (specifically set to your dog’s favorite channel, DogTV), set soothing music, and watch your dog from your smart phone with your own special video camera and you will only be gone for fifteen minutes.

  • When you take your dog to the groomers more often than you get your own hair cut and styled.

  • When your pup is more fashion forward than you are.

Rock on!

What other additions would you like to make? Comment below...person with most clever suggestion will win a fancy new toy!

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