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Wiggle What?!

“I’m going to Wiggle Butts!!” I said with glee to the manpanion.

“Um, you’re going to what?!” He responded in a way that made me realize there wasn’t enough caffeine in his system to process what I’ve said.”

“I’m going to Wiggle Butts, you know, the coolest fundraiser around!” I replied with enthusiasm.

“Oh, well that clears things up for me…have a blast,” was his still-confused response. He has since been made to understand what the bleep I’ve been talking about and why it’s so exciting!

Wiggle Butts Uncorked, truly is one of the most amazing fundraising events that I’ve heard of. At its organizational helm are Carol and Darlene Bryant of Fidose of Reality fame. Fidose of Reality is a blog that shares amazing insight about dog ownership. Carol, the blogtastic writer, focuses on subjects such as the physical and emotional health of dogs, along with lifestyle segments and important products for dogs and their owners. Their trusty pup sidekick is Dexter, a handsome Cocker Spaniel whose butt wiggles to the max when he’s excited (hence “Wiggle Butts,”)!

Dexter at BlogPaws in Nashville 2015

Carol and Darlene, along with their pup, have decided to use their notoriety in the field to help raise funds for a wonderful cause and they’re doing so with bling, red carpets, celebration, and booze! The event is slated to take place this coming, Saturday April 16th, only four more sleeps away!

So, what exactly is Wiggle Butts Uncorked? The event is taking place at the nation’s oldest Winery, Brotherhood, which is located in Washingtonville, New York. Guests will enjoy a walk down a red carpet when they arrive in their fancy duds. They will see pup celebrities, that are also dressed to the nines as they make their way into the winery.

Photo of Brotherhood Winery from their website

After a delicious meal (and not just for humans, the amazing Dr. Harvey’s is providing the dinner for the pup guests), attendees will have a chance to dance, mingle, take photos, and partake in raffles. The raffle prizes alone are enough to make me excited to attend! There’s a diamond necklace on the line. Next to dogs, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Dogs who have joined for the puparty will have a chance to receive a coveted “Wiggy Award,” for their creative and fancy outfits. Their owners will each receive a huge swag bag filled with items from event sponsors.

Oh, did I mention there will be a wedding celebration?! Yep, if all I just listed wasn’t enough, the dynamic duo that planned the event will be walking down the aisle to formally celebrate their nuptials. I hope the swag bag has some Kleenex, I always blubber at weddings!

So, who are we celebrating and raising funds for with this event? Second Chance Rescue is located in New York City. As a person who follows a large number of rescue organizations based in New York, it’s amazing to see how many animals are in need of loving homes. Second Chance Rescue has helped to find homes for over 4,500 dogs since its inception in 2009. Rather than utilize a brick & mortar location, the non-profit relies on foster parents to provide a healthy and happy home until they find their forever families. This structure has helped to alleviate the over-population of New York shelters, which is one of their goals.

I am proud to be a blog sponsor and attendee for this event that will help to provide much needed funds for such a wonderful organization. I am looking forward to meeting and mingling with all the like-minded humans and their pups this Saturday. Be on the lookout for an update on the fun item we chose to include in everyone’s swag bag!

Cheers to animal rescue, Wiggle Butts, a red carpet gala, and wine!

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