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DIY Valentine's Day Photo Ideas for your Dog

If you’re like me, you like to take photos of your dogs that connect to the holidays or season. We try to take fun photos to share with our followers on Instagram. We’ve had a chance to take some pictures in honor of Valentine’s Day and wanted to share some ideas with you! If you decide to use any of our ideas, we’d love to see your photos! Tag us on Instagram on @beanparty.yodabash or

A Sweet Treat

A little aluminum foil, some felt, and a sharpie are all it took to make a hat that resembles a Hershey Kiss. Simply mold the foil into the shape of a kiss, cut a thin strip of fabric, paper, or felt and write either Hershey’s or Kisses with sharpie. Tuck the piece into the seam of the foil and you’re ready to take some photos!

Yoda as a Hershey Kiss
Bean as a Hershey Kiss

Say it with Flowers

Flowers can be amazing when it comes to taking photos. Sometimes you can rest them on your pup’s head (providing they feel comfortable with you doing so). Other times, simply laying one in front of your pup will help set the mood. Here are a few examples:

Pucker up

Some bright red or pink lipstick, a white part of a pup (for Yoda, it was his forehead but it can also be paws, even a butt), and a smooch and you’ve got a great Valentine’s photo!

Yoda with a Kiss

Got Accessories?

Use of a pink or red scarf can enhance a Valentine’s Day photo. You can also use a simple piece of ribbon or tulle to make a pretty bow.

Bean with Bow

Yoda with Scarf

Make some hearts!

We’ve used the dog’s rope leashes to make a heart that encased Yoda. We’ve also used some pipe cleaners to make a heart that Bean can hold in her paw.

Bean with Heart Pipe Cleaner

Yoda with Heart made from Leashes

Buy some VDay Accessories!

We didn't spend any extra money on the photos above, but still had a lot of fun. You can always use accessories that are formally intended for Valentine's photos. We got some at Target in previous years.

Yoda as lovebug

Bean with flowers

Yoda with flower

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