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2 Dogs = Over $800 in Donations to Shelter!

For those fair weathered friends who have followed our adventures on the magical land of instagram (for new followers, photos of the pups can be found on @beanparty.yodabash), you know that our main focus is being able to give as much as we can to local shelters and other animal rescue organizations. We have been able to win prizes through photo contests that we then donate. We were recently able to contribute a significant number of items to Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and want to take an opportunity to thank organizations for their generosity and to feature some of those items.

First, let’s talk about Barkbox. We have been privileged to serve as members of their Barkpack, which has meant we have a unique coupon code connected to us for friends & followers to use for a 10% discount on their own Barkbox subscriptions. Our specific code (BEANPARTY) also results in a $15 donation to be sent directly to our local shelter each time it’s used! In exchange for our participation, we receive a free monthly Barkbox. For those unfamiliar with the company, each box is sent to subscribers with a combination of items. Contents normally include yummy treats, toys, and sometimes grooming products, books, accessories, and pet essentials.

Let’s be perfectly frank for a moment...Bean and Yoda have a pretty sweet life

and are very well taken care of and spoiled. As a result, we typically put all of our Barkbox contents directly towards donating. Approximately $70 worth of toys and $100 worth of treats were recently dropped off to Dakin. We’d like to acknowledge the following companies that provided goods for Barkbox and were donated - Wagatha’s; Snicky Snaks; BarkMade; Butcher Block Pet Treats; Rosie’s Barkery; Happy Howie’s; Your Dog’s Diner; FeelGood Treats; Droolers Dog Treats; Emerald Pet Products; and Etta Says!.

Barkbox is just the tip of the iceberg!

We also won prizes from being selected as a winner for a photo submitted to Animal Radio on #tongueouttuesday! We were the recipient of over $50 worth of grooming supplies by Synergy Labs that were also given to the local shelter. Pups and kitties alike will be shiny and clean with their help!

We are proud members of an

incredibly supportive and informational professional network for pet bloggers, called BlogPaws. In addition to providing insight into cultivating and successfully maintaining pet blogs, the company also provides a large number of opportunities for members to win prizes. We have been honored to have been selected for many prizes through a variety of campaigns through the organization, and we cannot thank them enough for their continued generosity. To date, Dakin has received an air purifier from Febreeze along with Blue Buffalo Treats & Food. We were also selected to be the recipient of a $100 gift card to PetSmart through BlogPaws. We used this prize to purchase eight cases of canned cat food from Friskees to donate the shelter! We also received a gift card for Amazon & the Tractor Supply, Co. which also resulted in items purchased for donation.

Did you know that you can be selected as the “Pet of the Week,” by 1-800 Pet Meds? You can, if you tag them on instagram using the hashtag #petmedspet. If you’re selected, you receive a shoutout and tons of prize items! They generously sent grooming supplies, vitamins, and the cutest plush version of their mascot, Max all of which were sent along for donation.

Blue Dog Bakery also has a “Dog of the Month” feature where they select patrons who submit an entry and reward them with a bevvy of treats, poo bag dispensers & bags, frisbees and accessories. In total, they sent along close to $50 worth of the items listed that we contributed to the local shelter.

Brothers Complete is a high end dog food and treat company that we had not heard of until winning a prize that included their food and bags of treats. I apologize for not remembering who the contest host was, but I do want to let them know that we appreciate them hosting the contest and selecting us as a winner. While we did not feed our pups the provided food, I was impressed by their label contents and the reviews we read online. I highly recommend investigating this company should your dog suffer from allergies or other food sensitivities that may require a limited diet, grain free option, or unique protein sources. Their generous prize equaled over $150 worth of high value dog food and treats that were given to Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society.

Everyone knows about Milkbone, as it’s been around for over a century! The

company has an active social media presence and they are kind with rewarding folks should the company decide to feature any of your photos. We have received over $20 worth of treats that we have since given to the shelter for pups to enjoy while they wait for their forever homes.

Another pet food company that is incredibly generous with their prizes is Evangers. Each year, they host a contest for their beautiful calendar. The calendar features high quality photos, coupons, recipe ideas, and fun date reminders. This is the second year our photos have been selected to be featured in their October layout. As such, we were the recipient of both food and treats. We have served Evangers to our pets, but do not use it exclusively. We wound up donating our prize winnings, but would like to recommend folks research this company if they are looking for a wonderful pet food and treat option. Much like with Brothers Complete, they have a wide range of recipe options which feature unique protein sources and limited ingredients. Their claim to fame is featuring the humans behind the company and for interested guests to try the food. That’s right, they want humans to eat their dog food, thus proving that it’s as good for humans as it is for pups. Way to put their money where their mouth is and to prove a point about how the quality of pet foods should be equivalent to the food given to humans!

Phew, lastly, we were the recipient of a Drinkwell Fountain which was also given to the shelter. Petsafe, the company behind a large number of pet related products, including fountains, provided this item. Many pups prefer drinking from flowing water, and the fountain has a large reservoir. It is a great item for shelter animals to have access to and I appreciate the company’s contribution.

If you took the time to do the math with me, you have probably noticed that our prize winnings and shelter donations crossed over the couple hundred dollar mark. I am proud to say that this particular donation actually equated to $837.60 worth of food, treats, toys, and other items for shelter animals. That is way more money than what I would have been able to give on my own and I’m so thankful to all the companies listed for their incredible prize items. The pups and kitties thank you for all that you do and have done to help animals in need the community far and wide.

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