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Quincy Bean & Yoda - An Introduction

Please allow me to introduce the stars of the show Quincy Bean (usually referred to as Bean) and Yoda. These two silly characters are the reason we're here!

It all started with Bean. She joined our family five years ago as a tiny squirmy squeaky pup who was afraid of leaves and wind. As soon as she joined us my "no dogs on the couch," rule went out of the window and she became an A+ snuggle bug! Her cuteness was hard to deny, so I chronicled her every move with photos. At the time, I had a pretty crummy phone, that took some pretty awful photos. As time progressed, along with technology, the photo quality got better.

I downloaded @instagram (follow us on @beanparty.yodabash) when I got an iPhone and, the rest is history. We quickly started to join a network of other like-minded pup lovers and learned that there were a significant number of contests that we could join. We participated in a lot of photo contests, made great friends, networked, and won a lot of prizes. By a lot, I mean, close to $5,000 worth of prizes in the past two years! Every prize that was able to donate to our local animal shelter, has been donated. That has resulted in a significant volume of donation amounts that we wouldn't have been able to donate on our own!

Since joining IG, we have also been able to establish relationships with companies that have values and products that we align with. To date, we work closely with BarkBox; PrideBites; Animal Hearted Apparel; Natural Dog Company and BlogPaws. We will have future posts that outline information about these companies, their products, and discounts that you can obtain through the use of our coupon codes.

Fast forward, to June of this year and we welcomed a second pup into our brood. Yoda joined us from the breeder where Bean came from. He was one of their studs and his studly services were no longer requested. We swooped in, took away his cash and prizes (sorry dude) and started to introduce him to the pretty sweet life. He's been participating in training with the hopes of becomming a therapy dog down the road. He has also indulged me with photo taking!

We can't wait to see what the future has in store for our family and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

Wags, Woofs, and Booze

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