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How to Make a Child Interested in Reading

What do you do when you have a child in your life who isn’t particularly interested in reading? That has been a question we’ve been asking in reference to our 8 year old nephew who hasn’t really been all that fond of reading since he was smaller. His parents read to him and with him each evening, and have since he was born, but he still doesn’t love reading on his own.

Yoda and a personalized book all about him

So, what do you do when your child or, in our case, a kid that we love like our own child, doesn’t want to read? For us, we made him a part of the story!

If you’re wondering what I mean by that, let me introduce you to i See Me personalized books! The concept is amazing, and it results in a book that’s catered to the person reading it. There are a ton of books that can be made. Some that are specific for boys or girls, some that are specific to life events, like birthdays.

Yoda with a personalized book

The book we selected works for anyone and anytime and is called “If My Dog Could Talk.” It, as one may gather by the title, explores a what the featured dog is thinking and wondering about his humans.

The dog that is featured can be personalized to resemble a special dog in the life of the person reading the book. For our nephew, that’s Yoda, he just kind of loves how chubby he is. You can select the breed and color. You also can include the names of the featured dog and special humans, such as the child you’re hoping to read the book and either that kid’s parent’s names, or for us, we chose his sister and me and my husband, the kick a** aunt and uncle. We were also able to add special photos of Yoda at the beginning and the end of the book!

My nephew reading a personalized book

So, what about the question posed at the beginning of the post. Did the personalized book make our nephew excited to read? YES! He was so pumped to recognize Yoda, and his own name in the book along with our names that he excitedly flipped through the book, reading it out loud to all of us. I’m pretty sure my sister cried a little.

Yoda reading his personalized book

You can scroll through all the options for personalized books by visiting them online. They also have special bundles that can include personalized placemats and bandannas. You can also enter to win a special bundled prize pack by using the rafflecopter below!

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