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A Tribute to Sugar the Golden

Sometimes you only need to meet a dog once for it to change you. That was true with Sugar.

I met Sugar while I attended the BlogPaws conference last year, but I had known about her for much longer. Her beautiful pup smile graced my social feed regularly and every time, she helped to bring light and happiness to my day.

This photo was copied from Sugar the Golden's website. Photo Credit Rosalyn Acero

Sugar the Golden - photo from

When I saw Sugar and her lovely owner Rosalyn, at the PetSmart headquarters last year to kick off our BlogPaws conference, my heart fluttered a bit. I was star struck, but still found the confidence to squeeze close to the two of them and spend some time in her space.

At one point, when the tour had concluded, I was able to sit on the floor and spend some quality time with Sugar. It wasn’t long, but it was amazing. In that short window, I understood why I was drawn to her spirit on her website, and everywhere else I saw her face online. She was the embodiment of love, sweetness, and calm. She sweetly sat and let me shower her with affection. She smiled at me, and I was in love.

Sugar the golden

After that moment, our attention had to go back to our BlogPaws commitments, but it was an experience I will cherish.


I don’t think that it should come as much of a surprise when I say that the pet blogging community is feeling the heaviness of her loss in a way that’s palpable and difficult to comprehend. In an effort to wrap our brains around losing Sugar, many of us elected to pay tribute to her by sharing our own experiences, insight, and love for the recipes she featured (and loved to taste test) on her site. This is a blog hop, meaning our posts are all linked at the bottom of the page. If you love Sugar as much as I do, I hope you visit everyone else who have their own perspective to share.


Sugar loved bananas, and we loved watching her enjoy them! It seemed only fitting that we feature one of her recipes that include one of her favorite foods.

Banana Yogurt Frosty Holes, like most of her recipes, are simple, easy, healthy, and super delicious. It includes three ingredients: bananas, yogurt, and blueberries. For the full recipe and steps for making this yummy treat, please visit Sugar’s site.

Banana Yogurt Frosty Holes from Sugar the Golden

Bean and Yoda are shown with two of the ingredients but the photos shown on Sugar’s site are, in my opinion, much better.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the pet blogging community for helping to lift up a fellow blogger in her time of loss. We have a special community, filled with amazing humans and incredible pets. I cherish all of them and I hope Rosalyn finds some solace during this difficult time.

I encourage you to visit Golden Woofs, to share your condolences, kind words, and memories of Sugar. Thank you for visiting.

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