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Brew Dog of the Month - Odel from Fort Hill Brewery

Two legged employees may work hard at their day jobs, but four legged employees also toil away. Company morale, among other things, is their responsibility, and it’s a duty that they take very seriously. Well, I’m here to tell you that we at A Dog Walks into a Bar are celebrating our brew dog employees (and possibly cats) with a new monthly feature. We are visiting local breweries that happen to have dogs on staff to learn about them, the brewery and to feature them in our own Employee of the Month feature in old school employee newsletter form.

Without further delay, let me introduce you to September’s Brew Dog of the Month, Odel from Fort Hill Brewery! Fort Hill Brewery is located in Easthampton, Massachusetts and it is one of our favorite spots to bring Bean and Yoda. The tap room is beautiful, the beer is awesome, and the location can’t be beat. Important Note: The tap room is currently under construction so they can make it even bigger and better. Don’t try to visit until their website tells you it’s open, which should be towards the end of October.

Odel, has been a faithful Fort Hill Brewing employee for a few months. Her time on this planet has only been a few months, and she got started working almost immediately. Talk about work ethic! As a puppy, she enjoys eating the green fluff off tennis balls, finding and eating treats, and keeping a watchful eye on the construction crew as they help to increase her future domain.

While she still has to go through the interview process, she’s confident she’ll be promoted to chief greeter when the opportunity arises. In the meantime, she tirelessly helps members of the staff with comic relief, snuggles, and secret keeping.

While professional development opportunities, like puppy kindergarten may be available in the future, Odel has already honed key skills. She alerts members of the Fort Hill team of deliveries and important information. Instead of an email chain, she’d rather vocalize announcements. She is able to read faces for signs of distress, and quickly helps to diffuse the situation. As a puppy with boundless energy, she enthusiastically works long shifts, although she does occasionally sleep on the job.

Her supervisor (and owner, and Fort Hill Brewery Founder and Head Brewer Eric Berzins) has this to say about his star employee: “Odel is great with people and knows some great tricks already. She helps the staff in the tap room and in the brewery.”

When asked what her favorite part of her job is, I interpreted her happy grin as “I just LOVE people, and treats, and balls, but mostly people, and also squirrels.”

Odel’s motto is: “Don’t just sit there, lick someone.” She’s good at what she does.

I hope you enjoyed our first Brew Dog of the Month feature! We plan on featuring a new Brew Dog at the beginning of each month. If you know of a brewery that employs the help of four legged staff members, comment with their name and location! Who knows, maybe they’ll be featured at some point in the future!

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